RND 1 - Ginetta G55 @ Donington National [April 7th to April 12th]

Discussion in 'AC HLC Season 1 (finished)' started by Shaun Clarke, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Kris Vickers Licensed Driver

    Did you do a couple of laps in Practice > Hotlap mode?
  2. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Having no sector times does not make your lap invalid however, as it still says "yes" in the valid column. ;)
  3. Kris Vickers Licensed Driver

    Ahh, no, it may be that it would have to register a new lap before it adds the splits?

    For you Rob (Hermans), you had your old lap wiped.

    For me, i improved on my old lap (without splits), so now it shows them.
  4. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Fixed Setup.....

    I will just add my 2 pence worth, but keep it short. I agree with Rob and others. It would take away that "personalisation" environment from the HLC. I didn't want to force everything down your throats as well, you must to use, use this, use that, turn that aid off etc etc, LFS did this, and it killed online racing.

    I wanted to leave that to you, the driver, as is it you that do this for enjoyment.

    Regarding the split times now showing. Now we know the issue, everything should work as planned from Rnd 2, so I am not that bothered for RND1. Like I said, your times will still count......
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  5. Eric Stranne Licensed Driver


  6. Neil Rocks Licensed Driver

    I've been here long enough to know that folks will share their setups :) I tend not to ask unless I'm really struggling to get anywhere, though. I suppose part of what makes me tend to the fixed setup side is that it removes any ambiguity - a lot of times I've found myself looking at some alien laptime - same track, same car as me, and thinking, "well, I bet they've got an amazing setup." It's almost like I'm excusing myself for not being as fast by assuming they're some kind of race mechanic who can set up any car to give them an automatic advantage over me - it makes me feel better about being slower, but I suspect that it also means that I don't try as hard. Whereas, if I know that everyone is using the exact same settings as I am, then I know that it must be possible to get those sort of times with practise and improvement alone. Rational? No, not entirely, but that's the thought process that led me to say it.

    (And yes, I'm aware that a good setup is not some kind of magical replacement for practise and skill! :))

    Honestly, I do enjoy refining a setup and honing in on a perfect lap time - I remember spending a good amount of time during the VW Scirocco championship in practise sessions with Adam, making changes and running laps. Especially good fun when you're doing it with your team-mate, certainly in the case of actual races. For this kind of competition, though, and of course just IMO, I think the level-er the playing field, the better. I imagine it would be a case of default setup, ideally, because as you say, if there was someone producing setups for each car they'd have an obviously unfair advantage. Of course some setups would make some cars more or less fun to drive, but then again, some cars will be less fun to drive anyway, and in a 'different combo each week' situation like this one, I'd say it was almost guaranteed that there will be at least one that is significantly less enjoyable depending on your preference. Some default setups will suit some people more than others, but some people will also prefer certain types of car. That's part of the point, I think, with so many different cars and tracks, different people's strengths will be played to each week, and everyone else will just have to try harder :)

    Anyhow, this is all technically off-topic :) I'm completely good to go with the rules as they are, because they are the rules, and that is what they are and I agreed to them when I signed up. So I hope this won't be seen as a 'here is what is wrong with the hotlap challenge' post - it is an interesting topic to discuss though.
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  7. Neil Rocks Licensed Driver

    Also, if you hit 'drive' and change your driving camera, it will stay that way when you go back to pits, and when you switch to someone else to follow them. Useful if you want to use a chase camera to see brakelights, etc.
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  8. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    I like your reasoning Neil, spot on as usual. :) What about starting a poll for to vote for default or open setup, Shaun?
  9. Nick Deeley Licensed Driver

    I'd go for default setups. While I dont like the default setups normally, and I'd be happy to share mine, the setups for these are next to useless any where else. It's such an aggressive setup that you cant use it in race conditions unless your races are 1 lap length (nordschleiffe excluded). I'd probably lose an advantage as I half know how to set up a car, but, it should make the times a bit closer, and one less thing to worry about - just get out there and drive, drive some more, drive some more again - if you can drive a car correctly, you'll be quick, no matter what the set up. I'll probably be absolutely no where near the front in the future combinations from now on now I've said that...

    Hotlap competitions are (to me at least), same car, same circuit, same setup, same everything except the driver.

    Let's open a poll, and see what everyone thinks.
  10. Rob Wilson Licensed Driver

    +1 for a poll on setups here! I struggle to find time to do laps, never mind set up a car. ;)

    PS/ Gentlemen's agreement on never letting all wheels off the track on the hotlap or the prior lap sounds like a good way around the corner cutting issue I raised. I won't be doing it again anyway as it seemed a cynical way to gain tenths. It is a simulation after all !

    Good luck with the new config everyone.

  11. Kris Vickers Licensed Driver

    My tuppence worth on setups . . .

    In my NR2k3 days, I used to enjoy the league that ran fixed setups, as you could always tell the guys who had no lives/wives/children/jobs because they could always put in a million and one laps to perfect a setup. I used to be one of those guys lol

    Granted, the G55 doesn`t have a huge amount of setup changes, and AC setups in general are pretty basic, BUT . . . . I think a fixed setup would even the playing field and make it more about driver ability rather than setup and driver.

    The problem comes in determining the fixed setup to work with, as something too loose is no good for the beginners, and something too tight is just no fun to drive for the veterans.

    The easy route for fixed setups is to use default, good or bad, and each driver would just have to adapt to it.
  12. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Wise words there, Kris. As I've said, personally I don't like fixed setups, and Shaun has stated that he doesn't want to be running the ship too tight, because that's exactly what killed LFS online. However, I do believe we should provide what the majority want of course, that's why we exist. What we're doing here IS very much a trial, so we hope you'll all accept that a few things may have to change while we're learning.
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  13. Neil Rocks Licensed Driver

    Here's another question - is it actually possible to restrict setup changes yet in AC, as in to disable it as an option on the server? Is that a thing?
  14. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Hi Chaps,

    Now that I can login and post, I will just say this, as I sent this over email to Rob last night.

    There is no way in AC to lock down set-ups, and guarantee that everybody is using the same set-up, it would purely come down to trust. Somebody can post a setup that every uses, but there is no way to make sure they have not changed things.

    I wanted to leave a little bit of individuality to the HLC, i.e Setups. LFS did this at server level, and it killed the game, being told you must have this ride height, you must have this much fuel etc etc, I could go on.
    The way I see it, we are all not Racing Technical Mechanics, a set-up will not make that amount of difference ( ok if your silly and you pick medium tyres in stead of slicks) that's your fault, or add 90ltrs of fuel for a hot lap...really? LOL, but people have a week to tinker / play around, or if they are really struggling....then ask??
    I am all for making it an even playing field, but taking in to consideration, the results after round 1, it's not the AC drivers topping the charts is it??
  15. Rob Wilson Licensed Driver

    How's about everybody can tinker but the leader must share their setup ?!
    Or is that giving away too much ?!
    Just an idea!
    RobW (<~ think I prefer that to Wilson!)
  16. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    @ Rob Wilson....considering the current leader is an RF2 team leader, driver, and championship winner, I bet you any money, he was using a default setup ( except for the change to make it legal, fuel and tyres ) LOL

    He has learnt to use the Apps Menu.....let alone create a record breaking setuping.....I doubt it ;) RH is just quick...we need to be quicker LOL
  17. Rob Wilson Licensed Driver

    Oh gawd Shaun I'm not expecting a golden bullet! There is no substitute for talent..
    But setups do matter - as when I found out about camber in LFS for example - more speed on the straights and corners - win win.. (Apart from tyre wear)
  18. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    @RW LOL....I have setups for the rest of the season, so I am going to upload them to the Setup Section, so people can play with them, use them what ever, but they are all WR setups ;)

    Did a bit of back ground work while I could not login yesterday
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  19. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Thank you for your kind words, Shaun. :)

    My setup wasn't completely default; I did adjust the ride height of course, but only the suspension and the wing really. A few clicks stiffer on the ARBs and springs, ride height as low as it would go before being invalid, and I think my wing was on zero when I did that time, but it was a bit too edgy that way, not possible to do much more than a couple of consistent laps. Dampers and tyre pressures were on default, and I was leaving the pits with 7 litres of fuel. :cool:

    EDIT: oh, and I did over 100 laps...not much chance of doing that every week! ;)
  20. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    But your a AC Virgin....so good for you mate...I don't want these AC people saying, "life is not fair" crap.....get over it LOL

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