RND 11 - Nissan Primera @ Pukekohe Park [16th June to 21st June]

Discussion in 'AC HLC Season 1 (finished)' started by Shaun Clarke, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    This thread is for info only, and will contain the results and leagues. If you have any problems, also post here or PM me
  2. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Server is up Guys....YAY Finally a good car to drive :D, but we are in for a Bumpy ride LOL
  3. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Have you uploaded an updated fix for the sounds, Shaun?
  4. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

  5. John Stingu Licensed Driver

    No fully working sounds for me. Just used the above links.

    PS fixed them my way
  6. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    is that the other sfx folder problem that crops up with Ginettta / Seat / Adam etc etc?
  7. John Stingu Licensed Driver

    You mean how I fixed the sounds? Just a folder of sfx's I downloaded and replaced.
  8. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Ok, so you've explained nothing at all there, John...you've fixed your problem so it's not a problem anymore? o_O
    I won't know if I have a problem or not until later when I get a chance to boot my rig. As far as I know, my install still has the no sounds issue which I didn't have a chance to fix since before the competition started.
    How about telling us where you downloaded the replacement sfx folder...if you would be so kind?
  9. John Stingu Licensed Driver

    Sorry bout that, wasn't entirely sure if I had done the right thing, tho.

    So I followed the instructions of this video

    Link is there as well.

    Like that guy said, kept the original sfx folder just in case the original cars will not work, or maybe these sfx's are old version.

    No idea. Thing is, the Nissan works so it's ok.
  10. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    That's good, thanks. :)
  11. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    Reckon the top guys are going to be in the 1:06's or less this time round...
  12. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    the link is broken..i got no sound :(
  13. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Yes that is what I ment John from the other sfx fix. Rob you should be OK, as this was the fix for the Ginetta back in Round 1. John didn't take part, so everybody that done Round 1 should be good to go.

    If anybody else is having the same problem, look here, as I posted it on AC Forums as well as link to the sfx folder you require.


  14. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    @Niranjan - The nissan link is working, just tested it :)
  15. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    im sure someones changed the settings on the server, im about a second slower! :p
  16. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Yeah I turned on Eco_boost for everybody....but me :p
  17. Kris Vickers Licensed Driver

    I don't remember Pukey being that bumpy!

    Bloody hell.
  18. Peter Beres Licensed Driver

    I don't remember Pukey! :D Cause I didn't know this track before, but yesterday I took my first laps and like it! This FWD is a good heads up for me, I almost forget how different could it be....but I realised that is still easier me like a RWD and I can be much consistent with FWD.
    But the track is really bumpy! :D :D Nice lap Kris, tonight I'll try another run....;)
  19. Kris Vickers Licensed Driver

    I think I got a lucky lap.

    Closest I got after that was 1:19.1's and above.

    I did save my replay in case anyone contested it. I`m not usually a front runner lol

    I think this track is locked down for cutting though, so I`m not sure there is anywhere you can gain an advantage, that and those damned kerbs!
  20. John Stingu Licensed Driver

    I wish at least one of the top three drivers posted their quickest lap so that I get an idea of what I am doing wrong.

    Also, this cars is easier for me to pull out of a slide, even in desperate situations.

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