RND 11 - Nissan Primera @ Pukekohe Park [16th June to 21st June]

Discussion in 'AC HLC Season 1 (finished)' started by Shaun Clarke, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Peter Beres Licensed Driver

    If you think John, probably I'm going to be on server tonight. Feel free to watch my laps :D :D And if you want I will share my setup (first of all I have to do a setup lol) with you. ;)
  2. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Perhaps you're not doing anything "wrong" John. Many of us started out several seconds off the pace of the fastest drivers here...who are themselves several seconds off the pace of drivers in other communities. I'll give you my own experience as an example:

    I had about 7-8 years of online racing experience when I joined SRP in 2012. At that time the fastest drivers were about 2.5-3s per lap faster than I was. A combination of experience (lots of practice), asking the right questions, having a good community slowly helped to improve my performance. I still wouldn't put myself in the "top 3" category overall, particularly when it comes to race performance (as opposed to 1-lap speed), but I have definitely moved forward relative to myself. :D

    The secret to better performance is not in having the fastest car setup, or learning some "dark art" driving technique. Having said that, you can learn a lot by watching someone, or listening to them talking through their approach. My advice is to keep asking questions: learn everything you can about driving techniques and setting up racing cars so you can ask fast drivers about what they do and understand their responses. Get on TeamSpeak and start pestering drivers to help you improve! Simply watching someone's replay won't get you very far, imo.

    If I get some time to set a lap tonight, I'll save my replay and send it to you. Just don't expect to be instantly faster! :p
  3. John Stingu Licensed Driver

    The thing is I watched this guy on Imola explaining what is the best line to take corners, and there is no such thing for Pukekohe. That was the idea.

    Anyhow, I didn't even know I could watch someone doing laps online. Cool. Thx.
  4. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    What I'm saying is that you don't need someone to explain the best line, part of the fun is to find out that stuff for yourself, experimenting and learning.

    Use the pTracker window to view another driver live on track: click Drive but don't leave the pits, then click on someone's name in the pTracker chat box to view their car. Use F1 to change driving view. :cool:
  5. John Stingu Licensed Driver

    I see. Good advice.

    Will definitely try that.
  6. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    What rob said....I only found out that F1 button when I was testing Live Stream and Twitch TV :rolleyes:
  7. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    There are a few more keys you can use besides F1:

    F1 : cycle car cameras
    F2 : random cameras
    F3 : track cameras
    F5 : pivot camera around the car
    F6 : cycle on-board cameras
    F8 : in-game screenshot
    F9 : toggle bottom learderboard
    F11 : toggle virtual mirror
    F12 : (Steam related) screenshot
    +/- : adjust FOV in-car
    PageUp/Down : adjust exposure
    Home : Open/close console
    1 .. 0 : Turbo boost management
  8. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    And when you press F5, you can also use the following:

    Right Click Mouse, rotates the car in an Anti-Clockwise
    Left Click is free look around

    W,A,S,D can be used to go backwards, forwards, left and right
    Hold Shift to slow the movement down of the above
  9. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    "Hold Sh*t to slow the movement down of the above " ??????????? :confused::D
  10. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    I would not recommend you hold your "sh*t" as this will give you stomach upset :D
  11. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    OK OK....I have just put new batteries in my wireless keyboard, so hopefully no more mtakes
  12. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

  13. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    Going by previous posts this statement is at best Optimistic..... and at worst completely missguided. ;)
  14. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Oh enough of the Spelling Police HA HA, we all make mistakes....it's just I don't learn from them :rolleyes::p
  15. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    well to get back to racing , this car is the most well behaved FWD i have driven , and recently i have put in some work to understand FWD behaviour, so lets see how this goes ....this car seems to have better FFB than the official cars :confused:...the SFX download worked , actually AC sounds better now as i can hear more of the oponents engines and tire noise as well.... . the track is fast and flowing which is great ... and bumpy ?? what bumpy ???.... its smooth as silk compared to roads back here :D
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  16. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    This car and track are AWESOME...it's like driving a BTCC race prep'd car down my road....20mph speed limit with School bumps....Watch out partents, Fordman coming through HA HA
  17. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    @Niranjan, your comments on the car and sounds, it serious work from the community. The car was well we all know by now, but the sounds, was actually produced for the BMW DTM E30. I watched a video of the sounds, and I thought, hold the phone, that sounds like the 90's BTCC car, so I put the two and two together, and hay presto.

    You can see my original Vid here as you can see, I posted this back in January

  18. John Stingu Licensed Driver

    Where can I find the start and end of sectors?
  19. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Sectors are not marked on the in-game track map, so you have to guestimate:
    S1 begins at the start/finish line (of course!) and ends after about 13s, which I think is just after T4, going onto the back straight.
    S2 is from the exit of T4 to somewhere around the braking zone for T8, the hairpin.
    S3 starts at about the braking zone for T8 and ends at the start/finish line (of course!)

    I'm sorry that's not very accurate, perhaps one of the AC experts could examine the track files and tell us more precisely?
  20. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Took some digging around, but you are correct, Rob.

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