RND 12 - Mercedes Benz 190E EvoII @ Thruxton [23rd June to 28th June]

Discussion in 'AC HLC Season 1 (finished)' started by Shaun Clarke, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    I just go mad if I cant figure out WHY i loose time :p
  2. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    And so do we all Niranjan, so do we all ROFL
  3. John Stingu Licensed Driver

    I think you should make a video - compare the good and the bad entry. For me it has been pretty consistent.
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  4. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Uploaded my hotlap, seems S3 i was on the edge :))):

  5. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    aaarrrrgggg , I loose 7 tenths in the last sector :mad: .....that chicane I can never understand..and im no mood to go do more laps.... so this means we have come to the end of the HLC ! .... well what can say , its been a bit of a bumpy ride.. iv learnt a few things along the way , managed to finish in the top 5 every week I think, even had my maiden victory .... but personally the HLC has been just a bit more frustrating than fun I think .....and now I would like to thank all the organisers and racers for events and I Congratulate Andreas Loffler for winning the championship !!! ...Cheers ! See you all soon !! :)
  6. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    last part of chicane , car was outside track limits Andreas ??? ( 4 wheels outside white line ?? )
  7. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    You must have missed the discussion re track limits after round 7, Niranjan? The HLC rules state that we would use the cutting rules controlled by the tracks. Anyway, SRP rules do not insist on 2 wheels inside the white lines. Please read THIS POST if you are not familiar with the rules...to which you agreed when you applied for your license o_O
  8. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    well I thought all 4 wheels were inside the curbs on the run off area ... but hey lets have no controversy in the final round !! :)
  9. James Skinner Licensed Driver

    Might have to tighten that up for next release of the track - the problem though is under race conditions where it's easy to get forced over the lines there or need to take evasive action but perhaps unfair to be penalised for it... IRL you'll get a couple of chances before they pull you up on that...
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  10. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Indeed, that's how it works on rFactor and rFactor2, you get two warnings and then a drive through or stop-go penalty. It's also possible to receive a penalty without receiving any warnings first, usually when you gain a massive advantage from cutting, by missing a chicane completely, for example. Once you've received a penalty, you will get no more warnings, only more penalties.
  11. John Stingu Licensed Driver

    There's an app in in AC that does the same thing, almost.
  12. Remco Majoor Licensed Driver

    pretty much had 0 time to do this combo. Not really a fan of touringcars anyway.
  13. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    There is John, but you need full access to the OS on the server to use these tools. I have already spoken to Kevin @ RS about this, as he does have another customer that uses these apps, but as you can imagine, this is a full hosted server, not just a gaming server, so the costs are considerably more. and would even stretch my flexible budget
  14. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    This is where my issues lie with Kunos, this is a basic for a sim surely ??.

    lets start a protest... no more "dreampacks" finish the basics so we can race.
    All together
    "What do we want ? ... Basics !.... When do we want them ?.... Before another crappy RWD" Who's with me ?????

    The silence is deafening.:rolleyes:
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  15. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    I am with you on that one Stacy :D
  16. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    Im with you too !!
  17. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Totally mate.
    Ive had the odd blast on the hotlaps, and it can be a bit of fun..but with my limited time for racing, Id rather be doing proper races, preferably league stuff.
    As much as I like the look of AC, and I know I could probably get it to feel a bit better if i committed the time to it.... until you can actually do what I would call a proper sim race, then its not for me. I bought the dreampack i think...but wont be buying any more until its what Id call an acceptable level for doing proper racing on.

    I hope it gets to that point because I know Shaun has put loads of work into promoting it here, and the events....surely it wouldn't take that much to finish it off??
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  18. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Thanks for that Andy, and I totally agree, but me personally (and the fact I don't have GSC or RF2) I will not little niggly things like this stop my creating more races with SRP.

    My opinion is this. "It's not great, it's not perfect, but it's not complete yet, so I am just making the best of what is on offer at present" and if other people want to join in the on-line races, then you know....the Pit Lane is always open :D
  19. John Stingu Licensed Driver

    People are racing and having a lot of fun from what I understand. They also want to have an experience that is similar to the real life and they are pleased.
    Thing is, like Shaun said, we need to make the most of it and not focus so much on the negative.
    That doesn't mean that we shouldn't tell Kunos what we need, just that some of the discussions about limits and what is lacking is killing the fun.
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  20. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    I have already passed on some comments to them in the Suggestion thread, done this a while ago when myself and Rob H had a chat.

    We can only wait

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