RND 4 - KTM @ Prato Short [April 28th to 3rd May]

Discussion in 'AC HLC Season 1 (finished)' started by Shaun Clarke, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    Proper sleep + good food + Robs setup = speedy recovery :p
  2. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Any chance of putting direct links to downloads on each thread? Its like finding a needle in a bloody haystack....
  3. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

  4. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Trust me....it would be a lot easier if the direct download link was in the first post....
  5. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Not really, especially because of the fact we have to do an offline lap before joining the server for every round. Downloading everything from one location is easier than having to go to each thread to get what you need.
  6. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    A) I agree with Rob, its a one stop shop for everything you need for the HLC, the only thing that is missing is Thruxton, which is not far away.

    B) If people are only looking at the threads that are live ( i.e the next round) I can post the same link in each thread, makes no difference to me, but you will only need to download it once, why re-invent the wheel in each thread, when the wheel is already spinning in another thread?

    Please remember Andy, this is not only the first thing we have done for AC here, it's the first thing I have done for AC as well, so I am learning as I go along, and trust me, I have learnt loads. In the future, a download link for everything will be in the rules / series thread, way before sign up is possible. Rules will be ironed out before hand, no changes in the middle, so if I have miss something, like I did, I apologise, it's a learning curve for me as well with AC. I hate to say this, but LFS was so much easier, but we will get there.

    And from a personal point of view, I have progressed more here with AC than I ever did with LFS, for example:

    a) having a fully functional automatically updated spread sheet ( Rob will confirm, took me days to code)
    b) have our own dedicated fully paid for server, never had that luxury before ( Dean will confirm that)
    c) Have live timing stats, that is in real time, never had that before
    d) Tested a full Live Steam that is publicly viewable to the nation ( never ever done that before)

    So bare with me Andy.....We will get there, and this was the perfect test to see what is involved.
  7. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    I was loving this combo....then James released a new version of Thruxton, well I had to test it, then I got focused on Live TV, so I have my excuses for being so rubbish in this round...I blame Jame's LOL
  8. James Skinner Licensed Driver

    Ha - that's no excuse! It is a great combo - forgot how much I liked these NKP tracks...
  9. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    Finally put in a few laps yesterday .... I like this combo !! have to thank the organisers for thinking things out properly to keep it interesting !! :) .... As the setup variables were fewer for this car, I developed my own setup , just to see where I stand without the expertise of Rob Hermans ,who's setup iv run for the previous 2 rounds .... as for this track , I believe its all about conserving your momentum , so shedding as little speed as you can get away with in the braking zones seems to be the way to go..... haven't been able to put too many laps in , as I have still not fully recovered .... lets see if I can put in some more by tonight .....
  10. Kris Vickers Licensed Driver

    I found drifting this little minx can also gain you some momentum through the corners, as it sets you up for a foot-down exit from the corner, something that can usualy end in understeer madness.
  11. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Indeed, I had posted this before the weekend, but some posts got lost:

    For those of you who can do some laps (I swear I'm not trying to rub it in, Stranne!), this is the setup I used to achieve my current time:


    I wouldn't say it's all that great, and in fact I've already passed it on to one or two others who gave conflicting reports about its effectiveness for them. There's certainly room for improvement.

    It's kind of counter-intuitive: you can get the front of the XBow to bite a bit more, and that generally feels better to most people. However, this setup feels less responsive on the front, and yet I seem to be able to get good laps. I was trying to analyse why this might be, and when I looked at a replay I noticed that I was allowing the rear to slide quite a lot on the approach to the apex in some corners, taking a wider entry, hitting a late apex and getting on the throttle early (not too much while it's still sliding). In contrast to a more conventional, less oversteer and even radius turn, I seemed to be gaining more on the faster exit than I was losing with that entry.

    That's quite different from my usual driving style; I usually want to avoid any sliding, but the KTM is really quite forgiving in a slide (as Neil mentioned), which makes it easier to replicate those oversteer moments lap after lap.
    Perhaps it's pure luck; I started with more understeer than I prefer, but because the car is easy to control in a slide, I've ended up with this technique...and it's not the best way to get a fast lap at all! Maybe I'll find the right way to drive a more responsive setup and get a better lap...if I do, you'll have a different setup to download. :)

    We can't make many adjustments on the setup of this car, and that places more emphasis on driving technique. Lines, braking accuracy, throttle control and managing weight transfer have far more influence on achieving good times than the setup. This will be more about getting comfortable with the setup you have than about chasing the perfect setup.

    Hopefully this explanation (if not the setup itself) is a good place to start for you. :cool:

    And what is it with the ride height of this car? :confused:
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  12. James Skinner Licensed Driver

    I'm finding it very difficult to be consistent here - my fastest lap is a fluke I think... :confused: I find it really easy to lose several tenths in one corner (especially the last 2 or 3) and struggling to improve no matter how many laps I do... Will give your setup a go again Rob so thanks for that - although I'm never comfortable with sliding!
  13. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Welcome. :) I don't think it's quite balanced enough for keeping control of that rear end...try messing with the camber and toe settings on the rear a bit. Currently I feel I need to be ultra-careful not to let it go too far, it's not quite compliant enough to prevent it from getting away.

    The trouble I have with setting up most cars on AC is that there's a lot less feedback (from the car, not only FFB) than I'm used to: you make big changes in the setup, but it's hard to feel those changes out on track. Perhaps it's less important with the XBow because we can't adjust as many of the settings as on other cars, but it just doesn't give me back enough info to know if my setup adjustments are working or not. That's why I've just been pounding around with the same setup instead of developing it.
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  14. Dean Snell Licensed Driver

    Thanks for the setup Rob. Tried it and found too much understeer for me, So I then used some of your settings in the setup I had for a 23.8 went pro and have now set a 22.25. Thanks again.

    Here is the setup I made with help from Robs (if anyone below me gets above me then :mad: :D)
  15. James Skinner Licensed Driver

    Lol tried Rob's setup and instantly went 3 tenths faster - with my 3 year old sitting in my lap, so could have been even quicker!

    There are just 0.002 seconds separating 7th - 9th place on the board...
  16. Eric Stranne Licensed Driver

  17. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    So its time to call it a day for hotlapping , as I have signed up for the rf2 event tonight.... I didn't have time for any more laps so my time stands at 01:21.353 , which puts me in 3rd at the moment and would be great to have my first podium , but im sure it wont stand come the end of the event.... did the time with my own setup this week !!!! though the setup variables were not complex for this car .... good luck to you guys , grats to the winner and thanks for this event :p :)
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  18. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    So far i think ive done 1 lap, maybe 2. So i'll be on tonight after dinner. Lets hope I remember how to drive!
  19. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Remember the server will close at 22:00GMT (that's 9pm UK time).

    I would be on doing yet more laps tonight, but I suppose I ought to attend the Indycar event...I'm hosting it, after all! :D
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  20. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    well I ended up 4th , best pos so far.... and moved upto 11th in the champs ... bit of a hard grind in the champ table as I missed the first round ...come on, some of you miss a round or two already :p :p
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