RND 5 BMW 235i Racing @ Blackwood Reloaded [5th May to 10th May]

Discussion in 'AC HLC Season 1 (finished)' started by Shaun Clarke, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    This thread is for info only, and will contain the results and leagues. If you have any problems, also post here or PM me
  2. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    Another Smashing combo ... Nostalgic .... #LFStribute
  3. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    Aye, this version of blackwood is pretty good, its still missing a few cambers that help or hinder some corners, but other than that its great to drive.
  4. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    @Rob T: Pretty good LOL - BL+DX10/11 touches...best ever version LOL
  5. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    Latest combo isnt showing up on the hotlaps chart for me? Can only see last weeks and earlier rounds! :S

    EDIT: seems password isnt working either. Somebody forgotten to change the server this week? Think ive got about an hour until I'm going out. after that I dont think ill get any time to do any laps. Going away tuesday!
  6. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    I assume you've done some laps yourself, Taplin?
    If you have, then I agree, current combo isn't showing.
    If you haven't then I suggest no one has done any laps yet! :D

    EDIT: Shaun was testing yesterday, during which he sets a different password. I'm sure he'll read this and correct it when he gets home. Meanwhile, I'll see what I can do.
  7. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    I cant join the server....

    Done a few offline laps, but when I go to join, it just bounces back to the server listing with no indication as to why.
  8. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    andy, very bottom centre of loading screen itll say "unaccepted password" or something like that. its because shaun has been playing :p
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  9. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Cheers Rob, not seeing any message though, but will watch thread till i know its sorted ;)
  10. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    I can only see the Thruxton one now...but I've messaged Shaun, and he will have a look at it in about 30 mins...chill for now :cool:
  11. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    30mins is..............5 minutes after I have to leave :( Guess im going to have to try and get a spare moment or two thursday before I go.
  12. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Don't fret Taplin, we're all bound to miss a round sooner or later.

    I just feel sorry for Marco Sbordoni, who is on zero points because he and pTracker don't get on. :(
  13. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Have tested everything from here, including sTracker ( i have set a lap btw, being a slow one) and all is working.
  14. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    just checked , same error "password not accepted" :)
  15. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    can't get server to show in list.
  16. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    I can only see the Thruxton server. :/
  17. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    Just recorded a 50 second lap and demand it be accepted.......... its true honestly mister ;)
  18. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

  19. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    Sure I had that version, re downloaded and installed, still not on server list
  20. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    Found it but it says I dont have the content, Blackwood re, but as I said followed your link and re installed

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