RND 5 BMW 235i Racing @ Blackwood Reloaded [5th May to 10th May]

Discussion in 'AC HLC Season 1 (finished)' started by Shaun Clarke, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Hi Neil, I am afraid that I cannot manipulate the database, I can only remove people's times, and as requested I have.
  2. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    @Lars you have done a lap on-line, without doing it off-line first, as your splits are not showing. Please can you do a lap offline in the same car and track, so sTracker can determine your split times, and make your lap valid.

    You might have to do it again
  3. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Yes, @all the newcomers:

    → You MUST do a valid lap in single player before joining the server for the first time. This must be done for EVERY ROUND. ←
  4. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    I don't see why people don't take the opportunity to do this on Monday, when the server is off-line, would make sense to me
  5. Kris Vickers Licensed Driver

    I usually just plain forget, until I`m online setting laps.

    Then it's a quick "oh crap!" > go offline > set a blisteringly slow lap > back online to set a blisteringly average lap :)
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  6. Neil Rocks Licensed Driver

    No worries sir, I will get back out there at the soonest opportunity, and under the right name...

    Question: will I need to do another lap offline first? AKA is pTracker specific to the username or to the user?
  7. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    User specific rather than username i believe. So should be fine to go back out right away. (sounds that way according to what the ptracker designer told me yesterday)
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  8. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    is it just me , or does anyone else feel this car is a big blue whale , floating about with a mind of its own and just wont do what it is told ?? ... or have I got the setup wrong ? ...or is it my driving style ? ... or is it lack of FFB in AC ??? ... :eek:
  9. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Yes, all of the above. :D
    Actually, I haven't started making a setup yet (my current time is on the default setup), and perhaps is will feel better once I've tinkered a bit. However, as I've posted before, the feeling I get from the FFB in AC is not conducive to developing a car setup... not for me, at least.
  10. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Have you all tried the FBB Clipping tool, seriously recommended
  11. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    You don't need a separate tool imo; the "pedals" app is built-in and gives an indication of whether you're going into clipping or not.
  12. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Never used that app Rob, just loads of people have used that clipping tool, and achieved great results, me included
  13. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    I don't doubt that, I just said you don't need it. I've switched on the pedals app in my videos (although the reading doesn't show up unless you're live, not on a replay!) You can see the FFB trace on the right hand bar (in grey), and it goes red when it's clipping. I'm sure there's a lot more info in the FFB Clipping tool, but imo it's superfluous because the info you actually need is already available.
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  14. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Will give that a bash
  15. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Heheh, well it (the pedals app) will seem superfluous from your perspective, because you have the clipping tool installed! :p:confused:
  16. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    only turn it on after an update, to make sure things haven't changed, then I turn it off ;)
  17. Kris Vickers Licensed Driver

    Current bug at the minute means that the clutch doesn`t show any activity in replays :)
  18. Andy Moore Licensed Driver

    Is the server up? I dont see it
  19. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    yep all up and running, I am on it now
  20. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

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