RND7 - Lotus2 Eleven @ Barbagallo [19th May to 24th May]

Discussion in 'AC HLC Season 1 (finished)' started by Shaun Clarke, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    This thread is for info only, and will contain the results and leagues. If you have any problems, also post here or PM me
  2. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver


    We have tested the new pTracker, and it works really well. I have also updated the server and FTP site with the tracks that is required, so please all, can you do the following, downloading from here:

    Address = ftp://managerdc2.rackservice.org/
    Username = shaunftp
    No Password

    1) Barbagello track ( over right it if you have it already)
    2) pTracker ( overwrite all files )

    You will need to do 2 clean laps in any car, but it has to be at that track. So out lap, then 2 clean laps. I know most of us do this anyway, in practice, so should not be a problem.

    Any problems, give me a shout, but best of luck chaps
  3. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    I spent last week slowly going through all the remaining combos and setting offline times so that I wouldn't have to do it when the round came....................i never was good at timing :mad:
    Also, can we make the HLC start monday evening? Its the only time I get free in the week to do more than 10mins of racing! Give us slow guys a chance :p
  4. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    Finally we get our hands on a well behaved track car ... about time I tell you!!! .... after a couple of weeks of a big blue whale and a rusty old bathtub on pogo sticks !!! ....a Stiff car will be a good challenge on the bumpy and undulating track like Barbagallo.... Good thinking again !! . ..good luck guys !! :)
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  5. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Sorry guys, password is now correct, so server should work. Been without internet all day so unable to make changes.

    I hear you Rob T. I cannot see a problem, but will speak with the Boss:)
  6. Remco Majoor Licensed Driver

    I still can't find the server password
  7. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

  8. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Yep, all set correctly
  9. Remco Majoor Licensed Driver

    thanks, now I can see it.
  10. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Hi All,

    Somebody has posted a time with the name DemonicSkiller.....this is not a name reg with SRP, so please can you confirm who this is, and please change you in game name to match your SRP Licensed name
  11. Remco Majoor Licensed Driver

    that was Damian Eikelkamp. He noticed it as well. He changed it to his normal name now. Sorry for this.
  12. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    No worries, but I have just PM Damian as well, as he needs to do an offline lap in any car, but at that track so it shows all of the information. A requirement in the rules
  13. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Mark is posting the same, but like I said, we are letting this one go at the moment, as he has a previous reported error with pTracker, and waiting on the Developer's reply for the problem.

    Mark and Marco are the only two people that have reported the problem ( out off over 3000 downloads, not just here), so they are both exempt from the split time rule, which I think is only fair. Just as long, their lap time is Valid, and also their Checksum Track Code matches. Checksum code is something only myself and Rob H can see
  14. Remco Majoor Licensed Driver

    does that have to be in hotlap mode? because he did do laps in practice mode. He told me his app was a black bar
  15. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    "a well behaved track car " did I say ???....I wish :confused: ... this car seems to know only two things - understeer and oversteer - and nothing in-between .... besides I wont have much time this week , hoping it wont be a disaster....
  16. Neil Rocks Licensed Driver

    Status report.

    Car: Dislike.

    Track: Dislike.

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  17. Kris Vickers Licensed Driver

    Actually, i clicked agree . . . The track i don`t mind, it's the typical Lotus 'from one end of the handling scale to the other in the same piece of track' mentality i`m not so keen on lol.
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  18. Rob Wilson Licensed Driver

    I'm not getting on with this combo either :-/. 3 seconds a lap off the pace - seriously!??! I was trying to go fast honest!

    In the immortal words of Mr H. Simpson.
    "If something's hard to do then it's not worth doing"

    mmmm beeer!
  19. Remco Majoor Licensed Driver

    This car handles like a boat
  20. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    all too true :( looking back the only two cars I liked were Tatuus and the KTM , didn't drive Ginetta G55 ....

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