Round 4 DTM championship Nurburgring April 15th

Discussion in 'DTM Season 1 (finished)' started by Bjorn de Haas, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. Dino Paolini Licensed Driver

    DTM @ Nürburgring: That one is easy on my top 3 best possible combinations on race-series :)

    Simply because you can place that DTM car into every inch of the track you want it to place to, without making any setup sacrifices + I love almost every corner of that track ;)

    Q: The superpole lap was ok, just a bit slower than my fastest open-q lap. I know the q-session should provide for a couple of tenths better laptimes potential (like the rest showed), but I can't usually do that in 1 lap, would need atleast a 2nd try for that. p3 was it for me this time.

    R: Strange start; Could jump by Jakob from the line and than Chris went into the opposite direction into turn1^^ A strange scenario which I did not understand whilst driving and I haven't looked at the replay yet. All I know was, that I was leading after turn 1 and my gap was growing massively in the course of the 1st lap. I think I had a >3 seconds lead after lap 1 o_O
    I could increase the gap by a couple of seconds to Chris going into the pitstop.

    The inlap and the pitstop was a bit slow and I came out about 1 or 2 secs behind Chris who had taken a less amount of fresh tires than me with him.
    After about 3 laps I had closed in to him and was waiting for an opportunity to overtake and that came pretty early on the exit of the chicane, where he was having a slow exit out of it.
    I could somehow fend of his try for a comeback into turn1 and after he lost his car under acceleration out of turn3 (or 4), I had some room behind me again.
    I drove the car home without any problems including a 100% rate of very safe lapping sequences.
    A huge thank you to all lapped drivers for that ;)

    -> q: 3rd / r: 1st

    Thanks for the racing and cya guys on the next very tough venue :)
  2. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    Your welcome Dino, saw you coming and right after the chicane looked like a good spot to let you through :)
  3. Daniel Higgins Licensed Driver

    Had fun that race, started next to last I think and after a few laps picking my way up I was around 13/14th and my tires were still fine even after 40mins, with about 10mins to go I managed to do a mid 1:49 and I was around 20secs infront of Jim, Philip and a few others so I thought it would be fun to try and see what time I could get.
    Went kinda wrong as I ended up about 15seconds behind then and even then still didn't manage to get below a 1:49, ah well I managed to catch Jim (new .vs old tires) and had a fun battle for a couple of laps. Lined myself up for a move into the chicane on last lap but backed out as didn't want to risk anyone's race by being over ambitious :p

    Great wheel to wheel racing by all (after the first lap :p), thanks for setting it up guys :) Sorry you had to leave Bjorn
  4. Sandro Mormina Licensed Driver

    hi, there is one slot free in the league for me?
  5. Bjorn de Haas Licensed Driver

    Hi Sandro, Can i ask you to join us in a few club events so we get to know you
    before you join a league. We host various club events here at SRP and feel free to sign up to them.
    Its a friendly atmosphere where we learn each others racing and track behaviour.

  6. Matt Cox Licensed Driver

    Bit of a late report, but better late than never.

    Q: I was very pleased with 4th (best of the non-aliens ;)), and wasn't expecting it to be honest, but I do enjoy driving this track so perhaps that had something to do with it.

    R: In recent IFM races I've been thinking about changing my name to Mark Webber, so was pleased to get a reasonable start off the line. There was a lot of rubbing going on around the first half of the first lap and I lost out a little bit in all the shenanigans and found myself down in 7th. I have to apologise to Craig for giving him a small tap half-way round the first lap which gave him a huge sideways moment, but luckily he held it and there was no major harm done. I didn't anticipate he would have to brake a tiny bit earlier as he was on a tighter defensive line, so sorry about that.

    After that it was a case of settling down to get into a rhythm. There was hardly anything in it 4th-7th and we were in a train for a good chunk of the first half of the race. I could keep up, but not doing anything about the guys in front. No one was making any mistakes so all you could do was hurry up and wait. Then John spun out in front out of me out of the final chicane which was a little scary, but I got through unscathed. Then with about 35 minutes to go I think it was Craig who peeled off into the pits so I thought it was about time to respond so I pitted the next lap. Then a lap or two later Jakob took his stop and came out just in front of me. After that it was a case of going for it and seeing what happened. The gap yoyo'd a little bit and at one point I thought Jakob was going to get away as he stretched the gap to about 3.5 seconds, but in the last few laps I started clawing it back and by the last lap I was getting right up close. My car felt awesome on the brakes throughout the race and that was where the gains seemed to be coming from. At the line I was 0.3 seconds behind.

    The tyre wear was quite severe here, but in my case all 4 corners were wearing at the same rate so maintained the balance of the handling. Apart from feeling a little less grippy I could maintain a reasonable lap time.

    I'm really happy with 4th which keeps me up there in the championship, but a podium would have been nice. ;) I thoroughly enjoyed the race as ever and I'm looking forward to Zandy. :D
  7. Craig Hume Licensed Driver

    Np Matt. I dont even really remember it, so not severe at all.
    In short, my race was good fun with alot of battles around the track. Got kinda messed up with my pitting, as unfortunately both car and driver needed a pit stop. So i lost alot of time there. Still happy though, mostly cause i was able to race again for a change
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