Round 8 IFM @ Interlagos Feb 12th

Discussion in 'IFM Season 1 (finished)' started by Bjorn de Haas, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. Bjorn de Haas Licensed Driver

  2. Dariusz Swiderski Licensed Driver

    Samba is on my mind.......o_O;)
  3. Matt Cox Licensed Driver

    Complete dfsd£$%£dsfsd!! Was running 6th with 15 minutes to go and my g25 decided to 'crash'. Froze up with full throttle and then wouldn't respond.
  4. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    I can't believe I missed this one. I decided I would watch a movie while I ate lunch and for the first time in a long time I fell asleep while watching. :(
  5. Daniel Higgins Licensed Driver

    Just race a public, you get the same effect.

    Exaggerating of course but after hours and hours of practice to be took off in the 2nd corner and 3rd corner it kina pissed you off. 1/2nd corner I went a little wide but was still on rumble strips but got hit back onto the grass. Then a couple of laps later I went onto the green stuff in turn 3, coming back on at a very shallow angle rather than just diving back on but yet got given no room again and hit off.
  6. Ethan Bass Licensed Driver

    Well I had a great time. My car setup was taken from an "Online Setup" that Dino suggested to try out. Thing was real easy to drive, even though I did have a bit too much rear wing. 12, so I was getting murdered down the back straight and up the hill. Could brake really late though.

    I got a good start and was 14th before the incident at turn 3 on lap one where Daniel got spun and ended up sitting sideways in the middle of the track where I couldn't avoid him. Thankfully only suspension damage so I could continue and I was soo much faster than the drivers around me over a lap, especially in the middle sector.

    I had a great time, I love driving single-seaters and can't wait to do more.
  7. Georgios Davakos Licensed Driver

    This had turned into such a great race, started from 8th and got to 3rd after overtaking Roel on lap 2 and it seemed that I was faster then the rest of the grid behind me (The guys ahead were aliens) as I was running away from Roel and no one was catching up Roel too. (Have to say that Roel suprissed me with the pace that he had, not to say he was a ninja on lap 1 and moved all the way to 3rd :) )

    So now I was changing my mind-set to improve my current PB and try to maybe close the gap to Jakob and Andreas but my internet decided to back stab me and cut off connection... :( :(

    I will deffinatly never know if I really had the pace to finish in 3rd but I had a great time and Thank you Bjorn, Jakob and the rest of the staff for organizing this amazing league. :)
    See you all in Season 2. :)
  8. Frans van der Linden Licensed Driver


    Q= went wide last corner cost me 2,5 seconds put me in 15th or so.

    Race= slow start, into t1 as last and then couldnt avoid Philip S. who oversteered and could do nothing.
    Lost front wing and suspention damage. First thought was to escape the race, but i wanted to defent my 7th overall place.
    So decide to go to pits and make some big repairs. From then on it was a lonely race death last. in the middle of no where and no one.
    Cars didnt feel the same anymore and was not able to put down some decent times,
    all 1.30.ers iso 1.28/1.29-ers.

    Didn't make 1 single mistake during all race, went all smoot but boring...

    Finished 12th and last. Bad way to finish a great season.

    I wanna thank all the drivers for showing up this season and off course SRP and Bjorn for putting this event up.

    I would say, season 2 here we come...

    PS: wonder the final standings for this season........
  9. Jakob de Boer Licensed Driver

  10. Coen Mulder Licensed Driver

    All i can say i: gongrats to everybody and in special Dino for wining the tournament!

    My race ended when i hit the wall and my wheel again went off..
    I was running nice and looking forward to maybe a podium but it wasnt my day.

    See u all at season 2, hopefully i can bring more competitive skills!

    Thnx all for organising the events!
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Roel Postma Licensed Driver

    Gettin' Better at it

    Qualy: I knew that in qualifying i could not keep up with the top. I made the prediction about the qualifying time for the top to be at 1.27.2xx but they were even faster. So the only solutions there was, was to make a decent laptime for midfield and became 11th at 1.28.5xx

    Race: The grid position on the right side of the track!! Great and what i hoped for. Due to the 1th gear ratio i was able to find instand grip and could overtake at least four cars before entering the first corner. By keeping as far right as possible i had to cover less ground and that gave an advantage and i could make maximum use of the high downforce/soft spring setup.
    At the first few laps i even managed to climb to third position because of Georgios was exiting, keeping Dino on my tail. Dino ran a much lower grip setup and could close in on the straights but had to brake early and more before almost every high speed corner. This went on for a number of laps when i made a mistake when i was looking for my teammate. He could help me to get pressure on Dino, but running wide because of a braking error Dino could pass me and i had to let Coen pass even so. Then i saw Coen disappearing and moved back to 4 th position.
    A second mistake did cost me that one and moved back to fith place. My personal best and a great feeling.

    Thanks for a great season and see you all on Silverstone
  12. Dino Paolini Licensed Driver

    This was an eventful last race on this championship for me.

    I spend a lot of time to find a setup that was consistent for the race; wasn't so easy on this track, but I think the setup was not suited very well for superpole-qualifying (would have been much better on a 2nd flying lap).

    Q: Well, I did the same mistake on my flying lap than I did at Suzuka: I was concentrating so much on my previous weak-sector (s1 in this case) that I forgot to take my strong sector well enough (s2 here)...
    ... I lost some valuable time on s2 and landed on p5, instead of doing a possible p2 or p3 spot :(

    R: Start would have been ok this time, but my line out of turn1 was not very smart,so I lost some ground there. I saw Roel in front of me just flying into a corner smashing out Matt (just avoiding him here) and shortly after that, his teammate just dived into the inside from afar and I was just lucky in somehow having seen that coming from my mirror.

    Since the front pair was already far away at this point after just 2 or 3 laps, I decided to just concede some positions instead of beeing taken out.
    On the next lap I was following Frans or Ronny (not sure anymore) as he was going slightly wide on a lefthander, but I made the exact same mistake behind him and that led through someone else, so I found myself in p8 here.

    Somehow I was very sure at this point that I would come back into the top5 if I just continue without worrying, since there was already some harakiri stuff in the beginning, it was a given that some stuff has to happen in front of me inevitably^^

    I was also glad to see my teammate in p3 there, but unfortunatly that did not last very long ;(

    After some time I arrived on the back of Roel:
    I have to correct you here :p: I could just close in on you when I was in the slipstream, outside of it we were dead even on the straights.
    I also had a better momentum out of most turn1 and last-turn corners leading onto the straights, partly because you braked so early^^
    And the main reason because I braked earlier was that I had no interest in a late-braking contest when I was not gonna pass with that anyway :) I rather wait for the other guy to outbreak himself; there was already enough time lost since you were driving defensive lines all the way through.

    Coen was already almost there, so I was glad to finally pass through and escaping from the pack that included Martjin also.

    After arriving at p3, the laps after that + the pitstop went very well; good times and a good pitentry granted me a pitexit still in p3 ahead of Martjin :)

    My second stint was apart from a small mistake and an unfortunate Björn loosing his car which I had to avoid, one of my best stints on this season. Good consistent times and I was getting some seconds closer to the top2.

    I pushed all the way to the penultimate lap, when I reached Daniel and someone in front of him, fighting for a position.
    Since the gap was safe to all sides and I was very happy with p3, I just watched those 2 race out their position and settled behind them to end the race.
    Since the top2 ran into eachother on the last lap and Jacob was limping his car to the finish with 3 tyres, I took his 2nd position there without competing for it.

    -> Q: 5th / R: 2nd

    Awesome championship overall with alot of fun racing with some old and new names and I'm obviously very happy with my performance here; never thought I could win this one; moreso without beeing the fastest guy overall, this is even better^^

    Thanks to the organizers and to my teammate Georgios for the good teamwork and the good looking car ;)

    I will close with some proposed improvements:
    -) The broadcasts were great, I hope they come back and will be done in every race this time
    -) Please change the qualy-format to something else! I have enough of superpole right now...
    -) I hope we have a real full grid in the future

    Cya next time guys
  13. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Some words from me to the last race in Interlagos. Ofcourse i engaged myself with it, specially due the penalty.

    The race itself was to me the most intense race of the whole season. The fight with Jacob was awesome, i drove all the time on the edge of was possible. But not enought to get Jacob away, with his more topspeed + slipstream he ever could close again the gap from the infield. After a mistake i lost then the lead. So the pitstop was very important. Pitted ealier to get a gap to overtake Jacob and that he´s out of the slipstream. Unortunatly i had not Bjorn in front of me after the pit but Ronny. He defend his line hard (which i´m not really able to follow) and it came to a collision and my plan was gone. Instead to get maybe a lead i got 3 sec behind Jacob. To close the gap i needed more then ten laps, so not more ne 3 tenth per lap.
    And then the same game begun again, could overtake but not run away. Result, a mistake and Jacob back in front. Was not much to go and was looking for a chance. Tried to brake me beside first corner, but the tyres locked and i hit Jacob, he spun. My fault, so waited over the lap. Over start/ finish he pass me easily again which was already in the begin of the final lap. Last chance i had to find in infield, anyhow. So pushed much, then the situation of the penalty:
    Of course i watched it several times in replay and i would call it more a race accident, unfortunatly with the downside to Jacob. In the corner i touched him is a full throttle section/ corner. Anyhow Jacob lost right before that corner 4 km/h of speed while i accelarate normal. This i couldn´t expect and that i don´t braked is also clear. I wanted find a way throught. Unfortunatly i touched him before i could go beside him on the left side.
    Also if i have this meaning exclusive, i would give myself for the first incident a penalty, not for second. Btw. i wanted come to TS, only i had still the wrong IP and on the new side (where i wasn´t registered yet) wasn´t a quick link or info. Maybe next :)

    For me ofcourse the league was a totally rollercoaster but in overall it was great racing and good fun (althought my wheel sunspension wasn´t stable enought:-D. Hope you fix that for the next season .-)

    Big thanks to all participators and to organiser Bjorn as well as the broadcast crew. And congrats to Dino and BP Racing to winning the championships.

    Last race in moving pictures :)
  14. Jakob de Boer Licensed Driver

    WOW , Your Last video i really like , Some cool effects in it ! Andreas you out did your self with this one !!!!
    Hope to see you for season 2 , and hope you will continue to create these briljant video's
  15. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Thank You :), was a lot of work, but wanted try to do something "epic" for the season final. And the race was so amazing so that this came out :) For now i need a video break o_O , can´t promise i´m all the time able to make such vids. But if i find something which motivate me i do it gladly.
    HeHe, there no "camera mod" - i also use only the available camera´s from Race07. What you mean is maybe the mouse camera for what you need to preset a button in the controller options. With this you can look around the cars while they moving. Another one is the free camera which you can put everywhere you want on track.
    All the rest i do with the Corel VideoStudio, sponsored by Hugo ;) for example zoom´s, moving picture or the effects.
  16. Daniel Higgins Licensed Driver

    Aha! Never realised you could use mouse look/camera on swingman view :D Thanks Im sure ill use it in future videos.

    Uploaded video to video threads.
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