S2000 (League) skin-pack Questions for STCC2011

Discussion in 'Race 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Michael van Scheppingen, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. Michael van Scheppingen Licensed Driver

    Got a question about your skin submission?
  2. Neil Rocks Licensed Driver

    I have one! Is there a mandatory size/font/colour for driver names / numbers in windows (and if not, any chance of instating one :) )? I think it looks so much better when despite all the different liveries, the 'official' parts all match up. This was the case in the last SRP BTCC season and in the VW league currently running, and I personally love the way it looks.
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  3. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    In fact, BTCC season 2 and VW Cup season 2 were arranged very differently regarding the windows: BTCC had a detailed set of instructions for making the windows yourself, whereas in the VW Cup, drivers only picked their racing number (and window banner colour), and windows were created by SRP staff.

    Personally, I prefer the second method because it guarantees identical window graphics for all cars. Despite the detailed instructions, there were still variations in the skins submitted for the BTCC. I'd be happy to take on the responsibility for doing the windows for this league if you want me. :)

    Here's a question I'd like to ask related to the above: as part of the sign-up, can we please ask drivers to state which FLAG they prefer? It would be useful if you want a flag on the windows.
  4. Dariusz Wielgosz Licensed Driver

    I don't mind the same font as long as it looks ok, generally not a fan of bold fonts. For me Arial Bold looks the best(which is not really as Bold as the name suggests). Simple and easy to read. Flag is a MUST for me personally, I'm patriotic #TeamPolska :cool:
  5. Ethan Bass Licensed Driver

    For windows when it comes to a standardised windows, a font used by everyone that used for name and number and some small small flag undernearth the number would be cool.

    So long wide banner up the top, 9then from right hand side from within the car) Name underneath (in a format you want, I would prefer full names i.e. Ethan Bass rather than E. Bass) then the driver's number which anything ranging from 00 to 999 is fine with me and then a flag corrosponding to the driver's nationality (I will demand a Scottish flag for myself, not a British flag, INDEPENDANCE!)

    If it was possible, if someone was willing to help put in the work then it would also be cool to have a ballast indication on the top left hand side (from inside the car) that would be updated for each event, kinda like how the ballast was displayed in the older days of Touring cars kinda like this ;


    Have the driver's name and number in yellow on the front windscreen, side rear passenger windows (where names can be shortened to fit) and the rear window which can make it easier to tell who your following. Then the ballast can be put onto just the front windscreen.
  6. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    I'm sure we could accommodate the saltire, but you're not getting independ E nce unless you can spell it! :p
    Unless we will be using SimSync or something, I think that's asking for trouble; it's hard enough to get all the drivers in a league to get updates to ordinary skin packs installed! You will be asking everyone to update skin packs for every round?
    I prefer the number in yellow and the name in white, forget the ballast indication, imo:

  7. Dariusz Wielgosz Licensed Driver

    Full name is ok when you have a short name like yourself Ethan. Good luck with fitting Michael van Scheppingen on the windows :p.

    Question to Michael: Are custom rims for skins possible in this mod?
  8. Oscar Hardwick Licensed Driver

    Question : Can we reserve numbers prior to the submission of a livery?
  9. Michael van Scheppingen Licensed Driver

    @ Oscar Click

    @ Rob Yes please :)
  10. Michael van Scheppingen Licensed Driver

    @ Dariusz I dunno, I need to check if I've enabled custom wheel in the past in the .cas file
  11. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Check :D
  12. Ethan Bass Licensed Driver

    Well there is no need for middle names so that shortens it. :p
  13. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Hahahaha! Good one Ethan...you DO know that "van" isn't a middle name, don't you? Just checkin' ;) :eek: :D
  14. Neil Rocks Licensed Driver

    Ah. I'm glad I asked, then :)

    I'm a fan of the yellow number, white name style too. Flags sound good since this is an international forum and all, and the weight penalty stickers would be nice but I'm inclined to agree re: getting everyone to be in possession of the right files.

    If it does go the route of the SRP-supplied windows, I'm up for sharing some of the workload, Mr Hermans.
  15. Simon Gardner Licensed Driver

    Creating custom rims where any colour is available is possible but it would require quite a big change as each wheel .GMT uses 6 DDS files - 3 slick and 3 wet for the animation that makes the wheels look like they are rotating at high speed. So you would need to have all 6 DDS files painted to the colour you want which would make the skin pack huge.

    A way round this which I use in GTR2 is to remove the animation and have just one wheel DDS file, which loses the blurred look of the wheel at high speed but still looks ok.

    If its possible you then add a line in the configurations settings for each car that points to the new wheel DDS. I assume (but don't actually know) that the custom skin text file will be able to recognise it.

    If it doesn't recognise it you could sacrifice something that's not that important like the interior nameplate and use the material name of that (in 3dsimed) on the wheel instead.

    The other way is much more simple but offers less customisability, if that's a word. You could do what Jakob did for the season 1 VW mod and have a set number of colour options for each car, 3 for example then you could just add
    CUSTOMWHEELS=3 to each cars configurations setting file then create and add the new wheel .GMTs and .DDS file to each car folder within STCC_2011.

    Then within the custom skin text file you should get wheelcolor=

    As I said this option is fairly easy to accomplish and could be done within a few hours so I would happily do this for you if you are interested.
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  16. Steve Bean Licensed Driver

    Are we all having the same windows?

    if so when or where can i download them from to edit?

  17. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    All external windows will be supplied by SRP staff, and drivers will not need to edit anything other than the car body, internal windows and name plate (only the body skin is mandatory). If you can't make your own skin, ask around - there are plenty of good painters who can help. A "stock" skin will also be created so that no one will use the mod's default skins.
    Drivers will be required to pick their racing number and confirm their nationality (or preferred flag) when signing up.
  18. Ethan Bass Licensed Driver

    As to STCC regs, names will consist of the initial of your first name, with your full surname being visible on the car's windows. Side, rear and front windscreen are to display the same name on each.

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