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  1. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    To register for the league, you can sign up as an individual driver or as a two-man team. Those who sign up as a team will have a better chance of being accepted than single drivers.

    So, before you sign up as single driver please try to find a team mate, best over PM's or over in this thread:

    Choose start numbers are allowed from #1 to #99, but drivers from season 1 have the priority to choose their last season final place number according the last season standings:


    Sign Up in this format:

    Start number: (allowed are numbers from #1 to #99)

    Driver 1 with number:
    Driver 2 with number:

    The crossed out numbers are taken:
  2. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Team: The Black Rebels Nederland (TBR NED)
    Driver 1: Rob Hermans #7
    Driver 2: Warren Schembri #10

  3. Kévin Ledoux Licensed Driver

    Team: The Black Rebels FG (TBR FG)
    Driver 1: Andreas Löffler #1
    Driver 2: Kevin Ledoux #8

    TBR FG.jpg
  4. Marius Nicolae Licensed Driver

    Driver: Marius Nicolae
    Start number: 28

    Team: TBA
  5. Shane Burke Licensed Driver

    Team: SimTech Motorsport
    Driver 1: Shane Burke
    Start number: 17

    Driver 2: TBC
    start number: TBC
  6. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    Team: Alpro™ Cosmo Autosport
    Driver 1 with number: Joshua Anderson (#53)
    Driver 2 with number: TBA (#2)
  7. Warren Schembri Licensed Driver

    Driver: Warren Schembri
    Start number: 10

    Team: TBR NED (see post #2 above)
  8. Ghovand Keanie Licensed Driver

    Driver: Ghovand Keanie
    Start number: 14
    Team: Independent
  9. Marius Nicolae Licensed Driver

    EDIT :
    Driver 1 : Marius Nicolae
    Driver 2 : TBA
    Start number: 28

    Team: Atlantic Racing
  10. Christian Struys Licensed Driver

    Driver 1 : christian struys
    Driver 2 : TBA
    Start number: 72

    Team : rallysimbelgium
  11. Marius Nicolae Licensed Driver

    Hi ,
    If there is free i will take NR 12 ( because is already on my car skin ) , or if someone will can change it after we will send our skin . Thank's
  12. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    I'm almost sure #12 will be available Marius; Andy Moore (who finished P12 last season) is usually not available on Saturday nights, so he most likely won't sign up for this season.
  13. Wayne Reed SRP League Organiser

    Driver 1 : Wayne Reed
    Driver 2 : TBA
    Start number: 69

    Team : Total Sim Racing

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  14. Roy Magnes Licensed Driver

    Driver: Roy Magnes
    Start number: 71
  15. Andreas Schmich Licensed Driver

    Team: KSM Simracing Team
    Driver 1 : Andreas Schmich #73
    Driver 2: Martin Biesold #43
  16. Shane Burke Licensed Driver

    Team: SimTech Motorsport
    Driver 1: Shane Burke
    Start number: 17

    Driver 2: Mateusz Bogusz
    start number: TBC

    Team: SimTech Jota
    Driver 1: Luke Walsh
    Start number: TBC

    Driver 2: Chris Shepherd
    Number: 21

    Use this logo from now on too ;)
  17. Danny Schubert Licensed Driver

    Team: KSM Simracing Team II
    Driver 1 : Danny Schubert #83
    Driver 2: tba #tba
  18. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    As I'm sure you know Shane, Luke needs to be a Licenced SRP driver before he can be signed up ;)

    EDIT: Luke is now a Licensed driver. Good work, chaps! :)
  19. Shane Burke Licensed Driver

    ill get him signed up :D
  20. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

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