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  1. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Hi All,
    We want to take a moment to keep you updated with changes that have already taken place as well as future changes that are to come.

    Firstly, SRP has recently undergone a management change, Yuri Braham after years of building and developing simracingpro steps down and hands over to Rob and myself.

    I am sure you will all join me in thanking Yuri for all the hard work, effort and money that has been placed into SRP, to make it a great place to drive and make new friends in the community, which I hope we all have.

    Rob and I wish Yuri all the best in his future, good luck with the new life and please pop back to take some podiums once again. Thank you!

    Moving forward we have discussed our aim and goals about the community and feel it is time you all should be informed.

    When we arrive in 2015 we hope to have all the things below installed, active and much more!

    In no particular order:

    - GPCOS: A very good league management system where we can view previous event/league results and detials on how the drivers are performing.
    - Driver's Licence system: Similar to our existing one but a little more detailed and explained.
    - Racing & forum rules: In addition to the new Licence system we are connecting the two in areas, the rules will simply be more detailed with few major changes.
    - Driver & Teams focus: We will also be looking in ways to host and promote teams with forums and logo placements, Driver focus, trophies and the return of the Wall of Fame etc.
    - Upgraded & revamped website: We will be keeping XenForo and our Wordpress frontpage, but we will be upgrading these control management systems with new features including video and image galleries and fixing the bugs we have and much more, even the whole design will eventually be changed.
    - Media: Once some of the above has been implemented time will be freed to create media for us to advertise, update and involve you. Youtube presence, Facebook and Twitter will be more active also, the Youtube channel may have a different kind of appeal compared to most. ;)

    and of course Events and Leagues in which we hope you will all participate, and who knows maybe even win!

    Coming soon,
    SRPTCC: simracingpro Touring Car Championship (RACE 07)
    SRPMC: simracingpro Mini Cooper Challenge (Game Stock Car 2013)
    RTCC: Retro Touring Car Championship (rFactor1)

    Plus: soon to be launched, rFactor 2...

    SRP has always been a free racing community and relies heavily on donations to keep alive. We are sure you will be happy to hear we have no future plans to change with our current circumstances, but if possible, please consider donating when the function is reinstalled on the site again. Be assured any donations will always go towards prizes, hosting, forum, purchasing GPCOS and similar, website scripts, widgets or add-ons, even all of the CD keys, some of which we pay for ourselves, and which go to the community as prizes.

    Don't forget we always welcome feedback which can be given in the correct forums provided.

    Thank you for your support and we hope you can help us to grow further.

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