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    Please only post skins here, any discussion or help can be found in other threads (so we keep this thread clean).

    So how to get your own car on Nascar2003.
    1. Go to the opponent manager, click in the left under driver "new" (between ratings and save, not the "new" on the far left! That one is for a creating a new roster).
    2. Insert a file name, recommended: [carnumber]_[first letter of first name]_[last name] and select a car.
    3. Then enter under driver the stuff asked (# means number) (don't know a good "sponsor"?! ;))
    4. So now that you have a driver, you need a skin too! There are already plenty of guides out there to make a skin in photoshop, so I won't repeat that here. Templates for the Gen6BR can be found here, the war wagon/pit crew can be downloaded here.
    5. If you are happy with what you created (or want to see how it looks in game), save the file as a .tga file in ([nascar2003folder]/exports_imports !note I think you can alter this location somewhere, but I recommend just keeping it default, so here).
    6. Next go back to your car in Nascar2003, and click on import on where you see the car/crew (first select either car or crew to display, depending on what you want to upload).
    7. You can edit some stuff in ratings, though this is mainly for when the ai is driving the car. I'm not sure how much the pit stop part affects you if you drive the car yourself, so perhaps it's safer for you to put it on 100 (note that the pit crew does make mistakes in game). People reported that aerodynamics do not affect a multiplayer car, probably since it are parameters related to the set up. If you don't exactly understand this, you can skip this step!
    8. Congratulations, you created your own car with your own skin and own crew! If you wanna share it, go to [nascar2003folder]/series/[mod]/cars and you can find all car files there. Do not edit any of them via notepad or any other way! Track the file of your car and share that one, because that one includes everything about your car (including your skin!). This also means that download skins need to be placed in this map.
    9. It may be fun to also drive your car. For this, go to player info (in the main menu), you can select your online and offline car on the top right.
    And I forgot something, you know what, let me know (prefer pm).

    Things to keep in mind when skinning:
    • In general, a car has 4 numbers: 2 big ones on each side and one the roof, and one (also very important) small on the back of the car. Make sure you have this last number as well, so people don't need to swerve to a side to see the number when the spotter says stay behind the #5 car.

    Have fun skinning!
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    My #048 car:
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    An example of a normal NASCAR styled car (mine) [IMG]
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