SRP Grand Touring Championship - Discussion, ideas and interest thread

Discussion in 'rFactor 1' started by Joshua Anderson, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    Hi all :)

    Had this idea in the back of my head for a while now, but I thought I'd bring it here for scrutiny/suggestions or whatever. :p I had the idea to run some sort of GT-based season here at SRP, on rFactor 1. I've got a few ideas in mind that I would like you guys to have your say on, but here's what I have for now.

    My initial idea was to run GT1s in this series, but I'm open to running GT2 if the former poses too much of a challenge to fairly balance or compile a variety of cars for. I'd also like to ask your opinion on what you'd rather drive :) Multiclass racing isn't out of the question but it would take a lot more work and I'd need a lot of committed people who would race in the series when it launched.

    I've got some track ideas - Bathurst, Spa, Monza, Brno, Interlagos to name a few - but I'm open to suggestions for that too. :) Races would be 1 hour or 1h30 long, with 1 driver a car and 2 cars a team. I'd like to run this near the end of 2014 or maybe early 2015, ideally on a weekend.

    So yeah, suggest away. :D

    Suggested Tracks
    • Bahrain
    • Portrero de los Funes
    • Algarve
    • Long Beach
    • Suzuka
    • Enna Pergusa
    • Sebring
    • Daytona Road Course
    • Le Mans
    • Bathurst
    • Monza
    • Nürburgring Nordschleife
    • Road Atlanta
    • Imola
    • Watkins Glen
    • Laguna Seca
    • Bucharest Ring
  2. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Stickied ;)
    I'll get thinking about this and come up with some suggestions, although I don't have any experience with GT cars in rF other than this test, which was for the mooted GT2 league started by Jonatan Åcerclinth and Bradley Vanian:

    So how about Bahrain? [IMG] [IMG]
  3. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    Funny enough, EnduRacers have just announced they're working on new content for their Endurance Series mod. Whether the content's for rF1 or rF2/AC is beyond me but a Maserati MC12 is confirmed to be in the works ;)

    Also I don't plan to call it the SRP Grand Touring Championship - as SGTC sounds too similar to TopStep SGTs.
  4. David Grönvalls Licensed Driver

    Good initiative, this community needs a GT championship. Although, I would like it in GTR evo or rF2(with ISI content). I've never gotten to grips with rF1. But if it's multiclass I think I'll join anyway.
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  5. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    Some fair points, this isn't confined to rF1. I was hoping to run it on that though, mainlly as 1) GTR Evo is getting old now, and 2) rF2 is far from perfect at its current stage. Sure, there are some GT mods out there but the best one is payware and others are mostly single-make AFAIK. rF1 for me offers good quality on a stable, proven platform.
  6. Ethan Bass Licensed Driver

    I have been wanting a mix-class series without having to sign up to iRacing.

    Some form of Prototype that was easy to distinguish against the GTs just so people can tell what's in their mirrors at a glance. I mean as long as I get something mid-engined I'll be happy.

    If we were to just go the GT route, then it would be cool to either use GT Pro cars from Evo, the Enduracers GT1 car from rF1 or maybe use GTR2 2004 cars?

    As far as tracks, Algarve, Potereo/San Luis, Daytona Road Course, LongBeach, Suzuka, Enna, Motorland Aragon, Enna Pergusa (not for the faint of heart in GTs :p) and what GT league would b complete without Sebring 12hr.
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  7. Matthew Allington Licensed Driver

    Portrero de los Funes please :D
  8. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    rF1 (2005) is in fact older than the RACE series (2006). There's a lot more content for rF1 than for R07, and the Enduracers mods are great quality.
    Agreed that rF2 is not perfect, but I wouldn't say it's not ready for hosting leagues. Also, all 3 of those sims are based on the same engine (gmotor2), so there's not much difference!
    The payware mods? EGT has 5 distinct car manufacturers: AM (Aston Martin), Bayro (BMW), Darche (Porsche), Ferruccio (Ferrari) and Venom (Dodge Viper). The Corvette C6r 2013 fits well into that class, and it's free. Imo, it's well worth €9.90 (less than 8 quid). United Racing Design are working on P1 and P2 cars atm for the next update to that mod. :)

    As for naming the series Josh, how about Enduro Pro Series, which was used for one season before here at SRP?
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  9. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    Never knew that. :p
    Also never knew that. :D
    Doesn't sound like a bad idea. ;)
  10. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    Just as an appendix: I would personally suggest Le Mans, Bathurst and Monza. I know I said in the OP I had a few in mind but these are formal suggestions. ;)
  11. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Nice Josh, don't forget to include some of Ethan's excellent suggestions. ;)
  12. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    How could I forget Daytona?! :O Home of my best simracing finish to date, 8th out of 22 and 3rd in my class. :p
  13. Matthew Allington Licensed Driver

  14. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    Now THAT is an idea. Not sure about having it in the main calendar, but it could make for a good finale. I know PMSC has it as the finale so it's not out of bounds :)
  15. Matthew Allington Licensed Driver

    Another point worth noting - at the present moment, GTRE (R07) and rF1 have a bit more variety in track choice than rF2 :p
  16. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

  17. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    As a slight aside: I'm now looking for beta testers for the base mod I have compiled. Just the standard 4 Endurance Series GT1 cars (as that's the route I want to go down) for now but I intend to add others in future updates, which will need testing and possible balancing. PM me if interested.
  18. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    Also, added Imola and Road Atlanta to suggested tracks :p
  19. Warren Schembri Licensed Driver

    Bit late on this thread (and by no means does this mean I will be signing up for the league) but surely Watkins Glen and Laguna Seca are worthy of a mention
  20. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

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