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Discussion in 'SRPMC Season 2 (finished)' started by Aaron Channer, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    There is a problem with the 'field of view' , using hood view. The bonnet is way to small and the track is very narrow, thin, seems super fast.
  2. Andy Vandevelde Licensed Driver

    it seems with the update to 1.21 the graphics are also different not in a good way, and my view distance and high't are also different to 1.15 and i ghet a lot off stuttering witch compromise my racing ability. seems there is still some sort off bugg in it.
  3. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Yep! I suggest we divert back, I can't possibly be expected to drive like this .... :(
  4. Andy Vandevelde Licensed Driver

    i'm currently testing with different settings to resolve the problem , i found a smal solution in change the overall graphics setting and u need to re - adsjust when in cocpit ur seat totally different. its possible to race like this as the problem occure aswel online as offline.
    when i have more info i post straight away. :)
  5. Andy Vandevelde Licensed Driver

    Found on RD forum that Reiza made a post about 1.21 version , they say they fix the stuttering problem butt appearently its not all been fix't , will look further in to it iff its only with magny cours or with other tracks also
  6. Andy Vandevelde Licensed Driver

    1. New
      Stuttering is still very much present, actually on my system it seems worse (longer freezes) but the frequency of stutters has decreased for the V12, but not the Vee.

      I'm really sorry but rendering bugs still persist, framerate still taking a hit from overusing GPU for bug reasons, and stutters are still there.

      All in all, no difference from 1.20 for me on latest NVidia drivers.

      Tried to reinstall fresh as well, then applying update. No difference. Also tried to revert my NVidia drivers further back, to no avail.

      There is still a core rendering issue with NVidia hardware. Verified with a friend, he has same issues still...
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    2. [IMG]
      Reiza StudiosOfficial Developer Account
      Richard, could you give us you full system specs (apologies if it has been informed elsewhere)? We´ve been testing in various NVIDIA equipped systems with very limited stuttering issues (pretty much restricted to Buenos Aires now which is a sizeable track, and the occasional race start). Wish we could give you a more precise instruction, but for now the best we can come up with is to keep looking...
    they know its still there with minor they say :) and its not only magny - cours so to seem
  7. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Oh dear....quite clearly we shouldn't have updated.

    I can honestly say I wont beable to attend the next races then! This view is ridiculous! Who remembers scrolling out on the mouse in RACE07, so that everything becomes stretched and long. That is what the track view looks like to me! Creating wrong feedback for braking and turning in points.

    Any admins want to get involved? Or are we just going to leave and see who turns up raceday. I wont be there gents if it stays like this, its impossible for me to race.....:(
  8. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Can someone post a screenie please..

    Everything is absolutely fine for me. :confused:
  9. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Click for full image. The Bonnet seems very thin? Does it not ? Should there be that much space either side of the car on my screen. I dont recall it being like that. This is creating a completely different immersion/feel. Feels weird.

    I remember when changing from cockpit view to this view the FOV was almost the same but without the body of the car in the way.... :(
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  10. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Click this image to make it full size. This is how I remember the gaps either side of my car.....but here I have changed the ingame ratio to 1280 x 1024 rather my original size of 1920 x 1080 . GRAB_012.JPG
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  11. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    I'm pretty sure the view of the bonnet is longer and I could not see the full O-Sport logo....... My brain is fried.
  12. Andy Vandevelde Licensed Driver

    i have played a bit with the setting graphics and it seems alright to me now . sjust need to find the right point off view and its all ok in to 1.15 .
    suggestions to chris ; try different thing's out seems to work.

    Made a nice clean lap online so far and im happy with what i have now. for me no need to downgrade to 1.15 so far.
  13. Andy Vandevelde Licensed Driver

    also try to clean ur log map iff u have stuttering and lower shadows . play a bit with the full to medium settings and u should geth a nice view.
  14. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Gonna edit the cam file, see what I can come up with. I don't see any problems with graphics as such just my FOV, for me that is the most important thing.
  15. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    This view is how it is for me. Been like that since I bought my full hd monitor (1080p), while using 1.15.
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  16. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

    Try to drive in cockpit! This view is for real driver... yours is for arcade driver ^^ Noob :)
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  17. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    If i drive with cockpit now, I am maybe .300 .500 slower. I think after 50 laps of cockpit all would be ok, I'd prefer to use cockpit when I have finally setup my 3 monitors ;)
  18. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    I dont actually see any difference in cockpit with 3 monitors than it was before the update.
    The update seems to have actually improved one thing for me....the way my wheel interacts with the game. Before if I set it to 900 degrees outside the game and 900 in game, it was all wrong...but now it actually seems quite good, so saves me having to change my wheel every time I fire up GSC :)
  19. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Tested last night, saw no problems at all for me. :/
  20. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    I done plenty of laps yesterday and of course, got used to it. Everything still can I put it...Thinner and Taller, slightly. Lol. ;)

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