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  1. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver


    Welcome to Season 2 of Mini Cooper Challenge.
    9 league rounds, 1 x 45min race per round, with an added special event following the conclusion of the league championship.
    The Mini used in Game Stock Car is based on the Mini John Cooper Works, with a turbocharged 1.6l engine, kicking out 211 bhp.
    Perfect for close, intense racing.


    Season Format

    Race day: Sunday @ 8pm BST
    Maximum drivers: 30

    Race Length: 45 Minutes
    Required Games: Game Stock Car 2013/Game Stock Car Extreme

    Schedule for each round
    Practice: 7 Days (Server will be up at least 7 days prior to each event)
    Qualifying: 20:00 BST (20 minutes)
    Warm Up: 20:20 BST (5 minutes)
    Race: 20:25 BST (45 minutes)

    Pit Stops: Open

    Fuel Usage: x4
    Tyre Usage: x3
    Weather: Always dry

    Game Aids
    Automatic Clutch: Yes
    Automatic Gears: No
    Swingman View: No
    Traction Control: No
    Anti-Lock Braking: Yes
    Stability Control: No
    Spin Recovery: No
    Opposite Lock: No
    Steering Assist: No
    Braking Assist: No
    Auto Pitstop: No
    Car Damage: 100%

    *(04/05/14) - Sign ups open *
    (25/05/14) - Pre-Season Warm-Up - Nürburgring GP
    (08/06/14) - Round 1 - Johor
    (22/06/14) - Round 2 - Magione
    (06/07/14) - Round 3 - Barcelona
    (20/07/14) - Round 4 - Cascavel
    (03/08/14) - Round 5 - Zandvoort
    (17/08/14) - Round 6 - Taruma
    (31/08/14) - Round 7 - Magny Cours
    (14/09/14) - Round 8 - Jacarepagua2005
    (28/09/14) - Round 9 - Mid-Ohio
    (12/10/14) - Post-Season Special Event (Open Sign Ups) - 1.5h Mini's @ Spa Francorchamps(with night)

    Track Pack
    Individual tracks can be downloaded above, and will be available for download in each of the calendar threads.

    Team Entries
    Teams will consist of two drivers per team.
    You will have 1 pit box per team.
    You may run numerous Junior/Sister/Development teams.
    Skins are recommended, But are not mandatory.

    Independent Entries & Pit Boxes
    For the sake of not needing up to 30 pit boxes, and the fact that most tracks just don't allow it, independents will be paired (not teamed) with another independent driver. You will be advised on who you will be paired with, or you may choose your own 'pit buddy'. We suggest that you confer with them and discuss when you will both pit, as 2 cars cannot be serviced in the same pit box at the same time.

    Drivers & Team Championship Standings
    Team championship points are taken from the finishing positions of both team drivers (2 drivers per team) for each race. Independent Drivers will only score points in the Drivers' Championship.

    Drivers & Team Championship Points
    Points are awarded according to the following system:
    1st = 30
    2nd = 24
    3rd = 20
    4th = 17
    5th = 16
    6th = 15
    7th = 14
    8th = 13
    9th = 12
    10th = 11
    11th = 10
    12th = 9
    13th = 8
    14th = 7
    15th = 6
    16th = 5
    17th = 4
    18th = 3
    19th = 2
    20th = 1
    Qualifying Pole = 1
    DNF Rule: If you DNF for ANY reason, you will not score any points.

    Custom Liveries (Car Skins)
    To post your skins click HERE.

    For the most recent skin pack, click HERE.

    Important Information

    Before you will be placed on the league entry list, you are required to fully read ALL of the information, Rules or Regulations provided below.

    SRP Mini Challenge S2: Entry Application, Process List & Information.
    SRP Rules & Regulations can be found HERE.
    SRP Mini Challenge S2 Specific Rules & Regulations can be found HERE.
    SRP Mini Challenge S2 Incident Reports & Relative Information can be found HERE.
    SRP Mini Challenge S2 Absence Reports & Relative Information can be found HERE.

    Once you have read ALL of the above and submitted your application in the Sign-Up thread HERE, you will be placed on the league entry list.
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