SRP Mini Challenge S2 Using GSC2013

Discussion in 'SRPMC Season 2 (finished)' started by Aaron Channer, Jan 10, 2014.


If you were to race in season 2 of SRP Mini Challenge, would you prefer to use GSC2012 or GSC2013?

GSC2012 3 vote(s) 10.0%
GSC2013 27 vote(s) 90.0%
  1. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

  2. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Any idea as to what day this might be running yet?
    I've signed up for TPS mini league which starts mid April, but would rather do one here but it depends what day it falls on.
  3. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

  4. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Perfect ;-)
    Should have asked before. .roughly when does it start. ?
  5. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Hoping to open sign ups later this month. League will hopefully start at the end of May.
  6. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Excellent. I'll wait for this one then and withdraw from other
  7. David Slute Licensed Driver

    Depending on time and dates I'd be interested!.....2013 :)
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  8. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    So.. where are the sign ups to the league from the guys who pushed for it?

  9. Christopher Hall-Nelson Licensed Driver

    I thought I'd done it, oops! Done it now though!
  10. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Would you like me to start with a "mass PM" to all those guys?
  11. Simon Gardner Licensed Driver

    Wrong day for me :(
  12. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Might be worth a try mate, if they're not aware of the league by now, then they might not be visiting the site. Or aren't interested if they are..
  13. Dariusz Swiderski Licensed Driver


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