Surfers Paradise 2004

Discussion in 'Tracks' started by Shaun Clarke, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    All the information is here

    Download it Here
  2. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Just had a blast on this circuit, and very challenging, you need rubber bumbers, but a lot of fun
  3. Kyle Lossor Licensed Driver

    Looks like a fun track! Will have to give it a go later after the civic league ;)
  4. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    I done some more last night, and it reminds me of South City in LFS, very unforgiving if you make a mistake. People are raving about this with the Nissan (only tested my trusted Ferrari Setup) so was going to give that ago this afternoon.

    Might post some piccy's if I remember to take them LOL

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