The future of SRP and Race07

Discussion in 'Race 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Stacy Newcomb, May 5, 2014.


Is Race07 still popular enough to sustain a long term series.

Yes 16 vote(s) 64.0%
No 9 vote(s) 36.0%
  1. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    Hey guys, a quick question to Admin and the powers that be, hoping to avoid a wall of text (Honest !).

    After hearing the discussion on TS about the viability of running a series using M vS's superb STCC mod, with the issues of poor turnouts for the single events, and the mention of a lack of testing prior to release, the reasoning behind this being, M vS never intended the Mod to be used as a series when he originally started the project.

    So my question is.

    With the new and not so new Race Sims, either already being used or waiting just over the horizon for our future pleasure, is any series based n Race07 going to have the numerical support of SRP drivers and the commitment of the great admin team we have, to sustain its numbers through the release of Assetto Corsa the continuing development of the likes of RF2 and Stock car Extreme and Project cars ?.

    My question is purely based at a personal level, as most of the M vS mod drivers will know I'm a nice funny guy, with a lack of speed, "But" I love Sim racing (the offer of a tow rope is a little offensive :rolleyes:)
    I'm very new to the Race07 series and as such have no real commitment to the Sim.

    If a full series is to become a reality then I'm 100% up for an entry, but if not I would rather know sooner than later, so I have the opportunity to enter a series in another Sim run by my new home SRP, I have a self imposed limit on the amount of time I spend "Gaming" after a long Illustrious career in MMO's
    (spit !), so one dedicated series is all I can commit to.

    "This is not a Rant" :cool:
  2. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    It's a fair question, and hopefully I can be one of those who can give you an answer, Stacy:

    SRP has been one of very few, if not the only community regularly running RACE07 events and leagues for years now. There are still plenty of drivers who want to participate using that sim. We all know it's a bit long in the tooth but so is rFactor, and there is still a lot of activity using that sim...although it's only recently that it has become well-used here (see the TopStep leagues).

    While there are still drivers interested in participating in events and leagues based on the RACE07 platform, the staff at SRP will continue to provide for that. Most people are interested in driving in leagues, and participation in single events is nearly non-existent. In the case of MvS's most recent release, the lack of interest not only demoralised the developer and his co-workers, but has led to too little track time for the cars, and not enough feedback with which to improve the mod.
    This is the main reason why Michael's STCC11 mod seems to have been forsaken, and this has resulted in an unfinished (if still highly enjoyable to drive) product, with inherent faults which would prevent it from being used for a league.
    However, we were discussing the possibility of running a one-make series using the latest version of the BMW 320si E90 seq which Michael built. This type of series seems to work very well around here, and I would give my full support to the organisers.

    I hear you regarding the time you have available; with me it's a "wife-and-two-kids" kind of restriction...well, I guess that's self-imposed as well! One of the most annoying things we get as organisers is people who sign up for a league but decide whether to drive or not on a race-by-race basis, instead of making a commitment to finish all the races they signed up for. Your desire to know what's happening with the Touring Car league (whether you should commit to it or not) shows that you have the right attitude. Soon the syndrome of drivers signing up without being fully committed will be gone, because you will get points on your (virtual) Driver's Licence if you're the sort of driver who rarely turns up!
    I'm not going to tell you that you should sign up for one league and not another, you can only make that decision yourself. In my experience, the most successful ones are those which have good, consistent organisation and promotion behind them, ones where people are discussing about the races and the championship throughout the season, you know?

    We are always looking to add to the number of people who organise leagues, create media, etc. and that will become even more critical with new sims being released. If anyone is reading this and thinking about becoming involved, do get in touch with Andy Breedon or myself!
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  3. Neil Rocks Licensed Driver

    Thanks for making this topic, Stacy sir. I had been having similar thoughts myself with Assetto Corsa multiplayer imminent (well, supposedly...:)). I was really looking forward to the STCC11 mod league and I felt very bad for Michael and the guys when I saw some of the entry lists - I'm certain that would have been different had it launched straight into a league. That's not to say that I disagree with the single events format - just a shame that it didn't go as expected.

    I'm looking forward to the newfangled Drivers License system. The VW Scirocco cup was great fun, off the pace though I may have been, but it fell vistim to 'league fatigue' (as I have decided to call it). By the end, there were a good 10-12 places free on the grid, despite there being many more signups overall than the original 25 slots. I don't think this can be blamed on the emergence of newer sims, or not entirely. I know some signed out because they were no longer interested or motivated to carry on, and that's a real shame. I suppose all championships will suffer from this to some extent, but it makes me want for a newer, stricter entry requirement (if I'm happy to flail around at the back of the/middle of the pack every round, then surely those with much more talent should be happy to too...right?).

    Another one-make event sounds good, though I'll admit now that the thought of driving a RWD touring car makes me tremble with incompetence. I think I'd likely sign up anyway, for a couple of reasons: one, the STCC11 mod deserves more than to be left on the shelf, and two, while SRP isn't the only community running Race07 events and leagues, it is in my experience by far the best. In fact, I'm currently in two other Race07 based touring car championships and while one is quite good, if underattended most of the time, the other is far, far behind SRP in terms of organisation, professionalism, and driving standards. Stacy knows what I mean :)

    I'm secretly hoping that SRP switches to Assetto Corsa eventually, though at this rate there won't be any multiplayer available until 2019 or so...

    (You can put me down for a contribution to that, if SRP are still looking to purchase a copy. I meant to say that the other day, but I didn't, so I've said it now, just then).
  4. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    I really have little to say on this, as i spoke with Ethan regards Race 07 and the STCC 2011 mod MVS is developing.

    Many factors are unfortunately a fact in this case, those being an ageing sim, single-events in general for the past 24 months have been gradually decreasing in popularity but and equal increase for league racing, I had looked at RD race 07 and they had to switch and change what they were doing to host them and in different sim i noticed and they have the drivers who just want to race single events though not many, that and coupled with a social experiment with the advertising of the DTM league i ran it was obvious to me the sim is certainly less active than it has been.

    I feel for MVS because of how much work must go into making such a mod and Ethan for the continued hosting, though persistence around here pays off, 15-20 drivers at the beginning, If we could of turned all of those into mod testers etc that would of been great, but that should also tell us that if we were to host a league with the mod, 1 server i feel we could fill easily.

    Rob has said enough as i have already so sorry Stacy, the new license point system is also being placed inline with new racing rules and regulations, we are close to finishing those now, most information regarding racing here and the drivers licence focus will be clear soon, and one the site is moved to the new hosting and upgraded, you will see more focus on you the drivers, your licenses and of course your teams and statistics.

    New sims, well were are also hoping to take on new staff to help build them up, also have plans for some rf2 stuff, AC well who knows what and when we can do anything with that. :)
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  5. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    Thanks for the replies gentlemen, as I have stated on a few occasions I have found a new home here and as such will be here for the long term, it is a shame from my point of view that my return to the Sim scene is at a transitional time, it would be easy to hop from site to site and chase the next big series only to be disappointed by the lack of organisation and poor driving standards, (been there done that).

    I shall bide my time at SRP and watch with interest the new and wondrous things that are planned, I saw the post for the Mini challenge but I don't really want to get involved in another new Sim at this time, so will hope for a few more single events in 07, and wait with baited breath for AC to release some FWD tourers (which is where my heart lies).
  6. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    I voted no; Standalone Race07.

    If you ask me with regards to using Michael's work, then it goes without saying. We'll see full grids.
  7. Michael van Scheppingen Licensed Driver

    I also voted No.

    Since AC I looking around the corner I'll focus on that game. Finally a race-game my graphics card will enjoy :D
    As far as Race07 goes.. I've un-installed it. I am also about to install rFactor2 and check it out again.

    The BMW 320si E90 is the only car of the STCC2011 mod I kind of finished. (yes, this one will wheel spin) If it will be used for a single make championship, I'll install Race07 again and do the final update. Due to limited interest I won't do the other 9 cars. The amount of time this will take, testing included is not worth it from my perspective. Especially now AC is about to go MP \o/

    I love GTR2 & Race07 I never played a game (engine) for such an extended period of time. But all good things end at a certain point.
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  8. Jonas Orfelt Licensed Driver

    well i am not shure the dtm game from raceroom is cool but multiplayer missing atm, asseto same and rfactor2 dont know have not installed it jet :)
  9. Steve Bean Licensed Driver

    im glad i got back into my sim racing and welcomed here so whatever is going on and i own the game ill be in for sure, i like the Race 07 mod and would surly drive every event i just hope others will commit to the full season aswell, being a league organiser before i know how people can register and not even turn up for any races, im not saying that will happen here but you always do get a few who dont fully commit,

    either way whatevers going on im in

    oh and hurry up MP AC lol
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  10. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    It is a scary time on the heart when opening any league, you always want the interest and to fill it and for everyone to enjoy it, I do think the majority of the sim community is ready for new sims to race with.

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