Track order for Wednesday SRPTCC Single Events

Discussion in 'Race 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Ethan Bass, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Michael van Scheppingen Licensed Driver

  2. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    Thato_O's slightly disturbing ..
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  3. Michael van Scheppingen Licensed Driver

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  4. Patrick Wuyts Licensed Driver

    Magny Cours is a nice track for these cars I think
  5. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Will you get this event's thread up please, Ethan? I fear we'll have a pretty low turn-out if no one is aware that it's on.
  6. Ethan Bass Licensed Driver

    I'll have it up tonight, sorry for the late posting.

    Though we are thinking about moving the days so the event might happen on Fridays from now on and just have the one event each week.
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  7. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    No pressure like, just wanting the server to be at least half full. ;)

    Yeah, it's going to be hit-and-miss whichever night is chosen. Your idea of announcing the schedule for several weeks ahead is good doesn't matter which night you choose, there will always be those who can be there and those who can't.

    I wonder if there are any RACE07 touring car drivers around here...? [IMG]
  8. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Be good if you could confirm which night the races will be as soon as.
    Don't want to practice too much if they land on a night I can't make ;-)
  9. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    Can't say I'm keen on a Friday, Monday to Thursday would be more to my liking.
    But if Friday is picked I'll be there.
  10. Tony Matthews Licensed Driver

    Tuesday, Wednesday or Sunday only for me ;)
  11. Michael van Scheppingen Licensed Driver

    Think it's best to keep the event on Wednesday Ethan :)
  12. Ethan Bass Licensed Driver

    Okay, for now Wednesday will stay. I'll have the stuff up tonight. Really busy week with college, so many reports.
  13. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

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