Triple screens on race07

Discussion in 'Race 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Andy Bonar, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Anyone use triples successfully with this?
    I just cant get it to look right, the side screens jsut look so distorted when you are overtaking or even on some sharp corners looking to apex.

    I think the main problem is it doesnt support multiview so is rendering the whole resolution as one image, and looks, well, crap.

    Tried different fov settings, but just cant get it right. I dont really want to go back to one screen for this sim.
  2. Eric Stranne Licensed Driver

    Ethaaaaaaan :p
  3. Chris Dark Licensed Driver

    I don't have any issues with it. I run with 150FOV in window mode and set the res at the naitive windows something like 5700x1920
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  4. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Ok, cheers, will give that a try don't allow for any bezel correction then?
  5. Chris Dark Licensed Driver

    I may adjust the bezel slightly in windows but generally default is ok and once your racing if your mirror is .5cm higher on one monitor than the other then it's not noticeable. Once i created the 3screen setup there isn't really anything I do that changes much. When I get home I will try and post a screenshot to show you how mine looks
  6. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Ok, thanks Chris.
    Ive set it up perfectly with rf1 and 2 and AC, even GSC, but Race doesn't have the option to multiview I think this is the problem.
    But, I haven't tried as high a fov as 150....I think its about 70 at the moment, 38 in the other sims.

    Do you use cockpit view or another view?
  7. Chris Dark Licensed Driver

    I use cockpit all the time. I find anything less than 130ish looks like your sat far back in the car and everything is really narrow. 150 seems the same as single screen in terms of the seating position BUT you have 3 screens of view rather than 1 if that makes sense so you can see wing mirrors easier etc.
  8. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Ok, great, I will try that later ;)
  9. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    This is what it looks like at 150, with the seat all the way in.....:eek:
  10. Ethan Bass Licensed Driver

    I run a triple screen setup with three 22.5" on a frame running 6024 X 1080 but for Race07, I have to run a resolution of 5760 X 1080 because of the nature of Race07's HUD. I like being able to see the default hud, rev-counter etc.

    I use two ATI 5850s to drive my setup because I actually use a fourth screen for Teamspeak and Real Time Telemetry :p but is also allows me to use Crossfire if I need it for other, shiner games.

    Typical field of view in Race 07 is between 50% to 100% depending on the car, whatever way allows me to see both wing mirrors is what I aim for. Looks a bit weird in the Saleen and in older games like GTR2 but it just makes racing cockpit so much nicer as you don't even need to push a button to see cars next to you.
  11. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Ive tried using default triple screen resolution without bezel correction, but its still awful. I guess this game just isn't designed for triples.
    Oh well nvm.
  12. Ethan Bass Licensed Driver

    That's a bit odd because I decided I wanted triple screen because of Race07. The menus don't stretch and I don't see stretching or weird stuff to me anyway.

    I mean, the default hud feels like it wasn't made for triples which is weird. Meaning I can't run with bezel correction in Race07 meaning this;

    But at speed you barely notice this and I would rather have this than the rev-counter and the things in the hud that are top left and top right be covered by my bezels. rFactor and GSC's hud are better suited to triple screens.
  13. Bjorn de Haas Licensed Driver

    Andy cant you set off real seat positions in the options screen?? I That way you can play a bit more with the position to compensate the fov
  14. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Yeah tried that. View out of the front screen is fine. It's just the distortion through the sides....It can be pretty vomit inducing at times.
    Other cars look like stretch limos and trying to look to apex is just nasty
  15. Ethan Bass Licensed Driver

    The option of "Look to apex" I turn off as I find it annoying.
  16. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    By look to apex, I just mean looking into the left or right screen when going round corners....I got that turned off in game also.

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