Updated 1966 Historic tracks now available!

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    Monaco Update Info:
    Monte Carlo concludes the set of historic track content updates (Italy was updated recently as well). This is the least friendly track in terms of optimization potential, due to its claustrophobic nature. On top of poor performance and massive stuttering on some systems, the old version was also plagued with countless popups in an attempt to limit the number of rendered polygons, and reduce the load on the hardware.

    After this optimization pass, both the popups and the stuttering are gone, while performance has remained equal or better, resulting in a much smoother and more consistent driving experience. Additionally, we've given each object, material and texture a quick polishing pass, and cleaned up the old art and its glitches as much as possible to bring our historic crown jewel up to modern spec.

    Belgium Update Info:
    This is by far the oldest track in rFactor 2, and being tailored to rFactor 1 technology, it was already showing it’s age the day rFactor 2 went public. It’s also had a bit of a torrid history, with vegetation sources lost in a hard drive crash. It wasn't a track we were particularly keen on revisiting, but because it is such a popular venue for the historic fanbase, it really did deserve some polishing – minus those vegetation meshes of course.

    As usual with these v2.0 releases, we've cleaned it up and optimized it as much as possible, and implemented most of the latest technology. It may still be the oldest track in rFactor 2, but Belgium 1966 now wears its age rather well.

    Full changelogs HERE.

    Download both tracks HERE.

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