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    Located in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia, sits a 4-mile rectangle of public road draped over a mountain and out onto the slopes beside it. With a strict speed limit of 37 mph to restrict the racing fan on a pilgrimage, Bathurst features an impressive series of tight turns and alarming elevation changes that make it seem too small even to accommodate everyday traffic. Those few times a year when it is closed off, thoroughbred race cars unleashed, speed limits removed, and drivers fight side by side with inches to spare are a fan favorite in Australia, more recently becoming a worldwide sensation.

    Opened in 1938 with the Australian Grand Prix, the racetrack has been used for a wide variety of racing categories, including everything from open-wheel to motorcycles. In recent years, primarily due to safety concerns and rising speeds, it has become almost an exclusive playground for GT and touring car races.

    One of the most technically challenging tracks in the world, it can seem oddly easy to get into a rhythm. Anti-clockwise in configuration, it does seem like most of the difficult turns are medium speed left handers.

    The overall course layout is rectangular with one corner occupied by a mountain. The mountain section is very tricky, blind, and enclosed in concrete walls that are very easy to slide into. Watch your tires carefully because once they start to go off you’ll find those concrete walls seem closer and closer to the racing line whether you like it or not!

    Bathurst v1.02 is available in our downloads area:

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