UPDATED Brands Hatch Indy & GP

Discussion in 'Tracks' started by Shaun Clarke, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    UPDATED !!!!!

    As I mentioned this when I first joined here, and had my FTP server, which is now gone, thought I would upload the links, pictures and also the Maps ( as had to fix this one as well) for possibly our next event.

    Download Here

    Again, you will need to put the map.png in the route of the track (GP And Indy ) and the .ini file in the data folder.

    Screenshot_nissan_primera_btcc_brands-hatch_25-1-2015-15-1-32.jpg Screenshot_nissan_primera_btcc_brands-hatch_25-1-2015-14-58-55.jpg Screenshot_nissan_primera_btcc_brands-hatch_25-1-2015-14-56-49.jpg
  2. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    A few more I took Screenshot_nissan_primera_btcc_brands-hatch_25-1-2015-14-54-26.jpg Screenshot_nissan_primera_btcc_brands-hatch-indy_25-1-2015-14-52-15.jpg Screenshot_nissan_primera_btcc_brands-hatch-indy_25-1-2015-14-51-32.jpg Screenshot_nissan_primera_btcc_brands-hatch-indy_25-1-2015-14-51-7.jpg Screenshot_nissan_primera_btcc_brands-hatch-indy_25-1-2015-14-50-10.jpg
  3. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Good stuff Shaun, Looks nice ;)

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