Updated: Mills Metropark [v2.0]

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  1. Rob Hermans SRP Manager


    Added Inner A Layout
    Implemented latest RealRoad shader
    Improved pitlane texture
    Applied RealRoad to curbs
    Remapped RealRoad
    Removed sausage curbs
    Improved curb texture
    New road and terrain texture set
    Implemented new terrain shader
    Vertex painted terrain for new terrain shader
    Remapped terrain for new terrain shader
    Terrain Radiosity pass
    Optimized road and terrain objects for smoother performance
    New painted stripes and pit lines texture set
    Enhanced painted stripes material
    Mapped yellow stripes for curbed sections
    Cut Access Roads into terrain
    Added surface wear decals
    Added road to grass/gravel transition decals
    Replaced textured parking spots with decals
    Reconformed all decals
    Improved water material
    Added Armco colliders
    Added Armco posts
    Added corner names (wall) signage
    Replaced safety fences and posts with better model/textures
    Optimized fence textures and materials for better performance
    Improved fence shadows
    Replaced simple 2D wooden infield fence with 3D version
    Replaced simple 2D chainlink fence with 3D version
    Optimized Armco and concrete walls for smoother performance
    Optimized wall objects for better and smoother performance
    Replaced and remapped tyre wall canvas textures
    Replaced and optimized 3D tyres
    Vertex painted tyre walls
    Replaced cones with HQ version
    Cleaned up distance markers
    Improved pitwall glass
    Added fire extinguisher signs at marshal posts
    Fixed marshal huts intersecting marshals
    Optimized treelines and fixed mapping
    Optimized billboard vegetation for better and smoother performance
    Improved vegetation texture set and materials
    Reduced vegetation flickering
    Optimized pit building for smoother performance
    Fixed pit building shadow glitch
    Added cheap pit building interior
    Improved pit building glass
    Fixed smoothing on podium
    Improved metal poles material and textures
    Completed construction work on main grandstand
    Improved grandstand textures
    Replaced grandstand crowds
    Added cheap interiors for office buildings
    Improved flags
    Replaced light poles and power lines with HQ versions
    Replaced Synergy fuel signs with HQ versions
    Replaced pit in and out lights with HQ model
    Replaced billboards with higher quality model and textures
    Replaced grandstands with HQ version
    Replaced outhouse with ultra HQ version
    Replaced tents with HQ versions
    Rescaled inflatable figures, and replaced one :) with :p !
    Added picnic tables
    Replaced trackside cars with HQ versions
    Replaced team trucks with HQ USA style haulers
    Replaced RVs
    Created new bus model and textures, distributed
    Cleaned up and enhanced recovery crane model and added some variation
    Optimized LOD and Shadow Out distances on all objects for better performance
    Optimized night lighting omnis
    Added new night lighting glows
    Slightly enhanced billboard crowd textures
    Fixed skybox shadow glitch
    Repopulated reflection maps
    Set MIP Map bias to default
    Removed HDR Profiles
    Updated TDF with recent values
    Fixed GDB inconsistencies
    Many AIW tweaks and fixes
    New camera sets for all layouts
    Changed default weather profile
    Added support for 34 cars
    Tweaked Safety Car release distances
    New HD loading screens
    Included Test Team RealRoad Preset Pack

    Head to our Downloads area to get your hands on it. :cool:
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  2. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Got to get on this at some point...must be a corker now :)

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