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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wesley Hartog, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Wesley Hartog Licensed Driver

    SRP xmas destruction rumble December 27th
    Short video of the event :)

    Enjoy Jesper Taulborg
  2. Wesley Hartog Licensed Driver

    Mini Cooper s trailer by Andreas Löffler

  3. Wesley Hartog Licensed Driver

    SRP Modding team BMW Z4 turbo

    Project stopped due to technical difficulty's...

  4. David Grönvalls Licensed Driver

    A hotlap around Spa -67 with the Nissan GTR GT1.
  5. David Grönvalls Licensed Driver

    Another hotlap, this time at Malaysia.
  6. David Grönvalls Licensed Driver

  7. Peter Beres Licensed Driver

    Fun Practising with Swider! :)

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  8. David Grönvalls Licensed Driver

    Dude does a 24h race in Gran Turismo alone :eek:

  9. John Bowman Licensed Driver

    Crazy mofo!
  10. Wesley Hartog Licensed Driver

    History of Pikes Peak Hill Climb





  11. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    Got to love Pikes Peak, 152 drag races to the top. :)
    (It is said that there are that many drag races because you can only take the corners so fast and that is it.)
  12. David Grönvalls Licensed Driver

    My pole lap from Silverstone in the BTCC league.
  13. David Grönvalls Licensed Driver

    :eek: From Nürburgring 24h today.
  14. Wesley Hartog Licensed Driver

    Not really a race video...
    I just think that horse wasn't amused by the mating call of the Italian stallion:)

  15. David Grönvalls Licensed Driver

  16. David Grönvalls Licensed Driver

    GTR3? Skip to 0:26. Found on the raceroom forums.

  17. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    Nope, that is a new version of RR that is being developed by Simbin. Most likely exclusive to the Raceroom rigs.
  18. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Jim might be right, either way that guy is nuts! o_O
  19. David Grönvalls Licensed Driver

    I've uploaded two new videos. C6R @ Nordschleife hotlap and my quali lap from DTM @ Sebring on august 23rd.

  20. Dino Paolini Licensed Driver

    A hotlap around Spa with MMG F1 2007

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