VW Cup S1: Round 6 [12.03.13] - Hockenheim

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  1. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver


    Date: Tuesday 12th March 2013
    Server name: simracingpro.com VW Cup
    Track: Hockenheim (National Circuit)

    Practice: Server is up
    Qualifying: 8:00pm GMT/UTC (15 minutes)
    Warm-up: 8:15pm GMT/UTC (5 minutes)
    Race (one): 8:20pm GMT/UTC (25 minutes)
    Race (two): 8:45pm GMT/UTC (25 minutes)

    Rules & regulations:


    If your name is on the entry list you are expected to turn up for the event.
    If you don't, you will be reported as absent. (Absence reports shall be used for reference in any future or current leagues you have entered and may result in you being refused entry into future leagues.)

    DO NOT vote through to next session / event on the server after 7pm gmt race day.

    Cut Rules
    No specific cut rules. Keep at least 2 wheels within the white line or on the curb.

    Pay attention! 3 cuts with advantage will earn you a drive through at Oulton, every 3rd cut after that will see you lose 3 championship points.

    Entry List:
    If your name is highlighted in blue, you have a penalty and must NOT participate in qualifying.
    If your car leaves the garage during qualifying, you will be disqualified from the whole event.

    If your name is highlighted in orange, you have a driver through penalty. This must be taken within the first 3 laps of race 1.
    If ignored, you will be disqualified from the whole event.

    If your name is highlighted in red, you have both of the above penalties.
    1. Luis Ace (R)
    2. Diego Battaglia *
    3. Nicolas Béver (Polestar - Car #8)
    4. Jakob de Boer (FDR BP ultimate)
    5. Martijn van Bommel (FDR BP ultimate)
    6. Yuri Braham (FDR Reunite)
    7. Andy Breedon (V Racing - Car #7)
    8. Aaron Channer (V Racing - Car #33)
    9. Chris Dark
    10. Sebastien Foucart (Polestar - Car #23)
    11. Simon Gardner (Simspeed Racing)
    12. Wesley Hartog (FDR Reunite)
    13. Hugo Hekkenberg (FDR Bullet - Car #46)
    14. Rob Hermans
    15. Simon Kilov (Precision Motorsports - Car #?)
    16. Martin Kraaijenbrink (FDR Bullet - Car #47)
    17. Alexander Lauritzen (Precision Motorsports - Car #48)
    18. Miguel Neto
    19. Marius Neverauskas
    20. Silvino Rodrigues (Playteam - Car #15)
    21. Fernando Silva (Playteam - Car #16)
    22. Eric Stranne (R)
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  2. Luis Ace Licensed Driver

    Hi Aaron.

    Can you put me on reserve for this one?

    By then i will be able to do some racing.

  3. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Will do mate. :)
  4. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Server is up :)
  5. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

  6. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Will be up later. Still working on penalties, amongst other things.
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  7. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Entry list updated in op.
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  8. Jakob de Boer Licensed Driver

    So who is on the Race server ? in a Race session. Cant Join !! :(
  9. Luis Ace Licensed Driver

    Hi Guys. I'm gonna race tonight. But still on cast on the left arm. So i will brake aprox. a tenth of a second earlier. Please don't get to close or use a different trajectorie.
    See you later.
  10. Eric Stranne Licensed Driver

  11. Luis Ace Licensed Driver

    Hi Aaron.
    Fernando Silva told me that he can?t make it. He can't access the net right now.

    So you can remove him from the entry list, please?

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  12. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

    Sorry guys, i have missed the race! I had a car accident on my way after my work day!!! 5 hours to be back at my house! My car is broken... I have call a taxi to do 100km to go to my house :-(

    It was for that i wasn't on the grid tonight! I hope you have taken more plaisure than me tonight ;-)
  13. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Hope you are alright Nico, take your time to recover and sorry to hear that.
  14. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Nico! You're ok I hope?

    You missed an awesome race mate.
  15. Martijn van Bommel Licensed Driver

    Sorry to hear that Nico,hope you are in better shape then your car.
  16. Eric Stranne Licensed Driver

    Did you already start practicing before you got to your PC? Don't tell me you have a Scirocco ;)

    I'm glad I joined the two races last night. I had a lot of fun. Typical me, I couldn't get a good time in Q (was down 6 tenths on my 32.9 lap but cut the exit of the last corner and had to give it up :mad:) and had to settle with 4th. I then, as usual, managed to beat my qualifying time in warmup :(

    Races were a lot of fun. Race 1 consisted of trying to get past Jakob, and when I finally did I went hunting for Miguel, who I caught and got past with just 2 laps to go or something. Race 2 was similar. Was up to 4th after starting 7th after lap 1, and then had a great battle with Yuri and Miguel again. So 2nd and 3rd in my first two VW Races here at SRP is very satisfying (I have driven these cars before, so I'm not a complete novice ;) ). Shame I can't be with in more of these.

    Grats to Yuri and Alex for the wins. And good luck to everyone for the rest of the season.
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  17. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

    I'm ok guys tanks!

    I lost control because of freez on the road and missed my turn.. Boom on the curb! My front right wheel went out! After 1 hours waiting a transporter for my car an another car take the same Line of me (i don't Know why because it wasn't a good one xD) and hé finished on my car... Boom the rear is dommaged too now :-( he did that just before the police!!! Oo

    After 2 hours a transporter was there and police put me an PV... 74€ because i had not a snow tires...

    I called a taxi to be back ta my house, more than 2 hours to do 100km!!

    It was a great day :-(

    Nice to heard it was a Nice race!!! Next one i Will be there :)
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  18. Luis Ace Licensed Driver

    Glad you are ok Nic.

    A lot of people get hurt not in the accident but after by being ramed by other vehicles.

    Always stay in the safe side of an accident. Hope to see you back soon.
  19. Chris Dark Licensed Driver

    Might be worth softening your suspension and increase your front camber Nico, give yourself a bit more grip.

    Glad to hear your Ok though :)
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  20. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Very bad luck, Nico. :( Happy you're not hurt :)
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