VW Cup S2: Round 8 [17.04.14] - Cicada

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  1. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver


    Date: Thursday 17th April 2014
    Practice Server: simracingpro.com VWC P
    Race Server: simracingpro.com VWC R
    Track: Cicada (alternate download)

    Practice: Server will be up at least 7 days prior to the event
    Qualifying: 8:00pm BST (20 minutes)
    Warm-up: 8:20pm BST (5 minutes)
    Race (one): 8:25pm BST (25 minutes)
    Race (two): 8:50pm BST (25 minutes)

    Rules & regulations:


    If your name is on the entry list you are expected to turn up for the event.
    If you don't, you will be reported as absent. (Absence reports shall be used for reference in any future or current leagues you have entered and may result in you being refused entry into future leagues.)

    Entry List:


  2. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Entry List:
    1. Nick Ansell #55
    2. Nicolas Béver #8
    3. Zoran Bojbasa #46
    4. Andy Breedon #7
    5. Aaron Channer #13
    6. Bjorn de Haas #60
    7. Murat Erdogdu #77
    8. Sébastien Foucart #23
    9. Geoffrey Fournier #22
    10. Simon Gardner #51
    11. Adam Holloway #31
    12. Martin Kraaijenbrink #70
    13. Alexandre Novaes #69
    14. Jonas Orfelt #24
    15. Michael Paffett #37
    16. Grégory Pignato #12
    17. Oscar Pink #9
    18. Roger Prikken #88
    19. Neil Rocks #42
    20. Adam Rowledge #5
    21. Marco Sbordoni #40
    22. Chris Shepherd #21
    23. Mika Ukkonen #74
    24. Dariusz Wielgosz #16
  3. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Official results:

    (click on the ↑ images ↓ to see detailed results)

    Clicking on the images above will open a new tab for each of the 2 races. The results pages can be sorted by clicking on the table headers at the top, and also by clicking the headers of the main table.
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  4. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Server is up. :)
  5. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Flowing fast track, only done one race here, this will be fun! :)
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  6. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Will start practice over the weekend at some point. Perhaps later tonight before work, if anyone interested.
  7. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Will be on in the morning i think. few nights to do yet. :)
  8. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Tomoz morning mate? I'm home at 6am. I will hold off until then, what time you back ?
  9. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    About 06:20 mate :)))
  10. Murat Erdogdu Licensed Driver

    I have to sign out for this race, sorry. i have an unexpected conference tomorrow. :(
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  11. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Switched back to my old pedal set that had same problem, admittedly it was not as bad as this time round. Lets hope it holds up for one more race!!

    Start of VW Season 1, my wheel broke! End of VW season 2 and now this problem! Damn VW's! :D

  12. Sebastien Foucart Licensed Driver

    Qualif: 1

    Race1: 1

    Race2: Crash xD

    Nice race all, thx for the champ Aaron. I finished third behind my teammate i am happy :). Congratulations to you chris. You're the best :D.

    Cya all for other champ.
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  13. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

    Quali: P2
    I was on pole position all the session and... i gave slipstream to dariusz and Seb!! What a mistake ^^

    Race 1: P2
    Seb was consistent and not me... Too much mistakes.
    Seb did a really good driving! Well done mate.
    Great fight with chris in this race!

    Race 2: P1
    What a race!!
    Amazing fight with Dariusz, Chris and Seb! Was really cool

    Nice come back in VW champ Dariusz :) Its nice to fight with you!

    I'm 2nd in driver championship. I'm happy to finish the champ in fight with seb on the track and for the standing!
    What a team hein!!! :)

    Congratulation to Chris for his title! Nice one mate! You deserve it, really!

    Thanks to all drivers in this champ!
    Many thanks to SRP, Andy, Aaron and all person that have work for this champ!
    Really nice job, nice champ! Fair, Fast and Fun!

    See you next champ (i hope soon :p)
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  14. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    A nice ending. Another 2 podiums, two 3rd places. :rolleyes:

    For the Qually I was on a decent lap and was going to take 2nd place for sure, was close for Nico' pole lap but I think he had me covered. I messed up the last chicane section before the last turn, this was easily .3, perhaps half a sec but it wasn't to be. I noobed it! Was funny to see Nico giving Dariusz and Seb slipstreams to get infront of me. Haha :p

    Race1 - Had some nice battles with Nico, was pushed of track sometimes when I try to make pass, but I do not care, it doesn't matter anymore. Maybe I could have put pressure on Seb but I could not get passed Nico. Two times I ended up off track and was over 1 sec behind Nico eachtime, and both times I catch him. I just can not get passed Nico! Great Driver! Love you Nico! :) :p

    Race2 - I get into the lead and have over a 1 seconds gap to car behind. Then my throttle starts to play, so I had to reach down and piss about with the potentiometer and basically move out of the way of the cars coming past. I went down to 3rd place. Then I just kept falling backwards on certain laps. In the end I was like 6 secs behind the leaders! :rolleyes:

    Thanks to Aaron and SRP for the league and thanks to the drivers who I had some very nice fair battles with.
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  15. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Provisional results added to post#3 :cool:

    EDIT: now official.
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  16. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

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