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    Walk Racing Race Report - thanks to Shaun Allan

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    Round 3 of the BMW M235i Challenge hosted by SimRacingPro, took place at Autodromo Grobnik for the first sprint round of the series. A sprint round has 2 races and a super-pole qualifying before each to decide positions.
    With the new addition of Shaun Allan to the team, Walk Racing finally had a chance to fully attack the team championship and with Shaun showing some early speed, the team championship looks in our grasp.
    Rob Taplin looks to continue his challenge of the Drivers championship, with he and rival Ross Macfarlane tied on points heading into this sprint round.
    Qualifying 1
    Rob - 5th
    Shaun - 2nd
    Rob Taplin - "As expected, nothing fancy here. I decided to go conservative for the first superpole as the anti-cut rules were quite hard here"
    Shaun Allan - "As this was my first race I really wanted to be somewhere near the front to stay out of trouble. I was quite surprised to start from 2nd"
    Race 1
    Rob - 4th
    Shaun - 1st
    Beginning of the race was not so eventful as everyone got into position and drove around the track. With 6 laps to go, Ross Macfarlane was being pressured by Shaun and eventually gave in to the pressure and made a mistake. Sending him into the battle pack with Rob for 2nd and Shaun was able to drive away for his first win.
    Rob - "Quite a quiet race for me, just tried to keep up with the guys ahead and made up one place. Though the final few laps got the heart rate going as Myself, Ross and Oscar were all fighting for 2nd place. In the end Oscar defended well to keep his 2nd, with Ross 3rd and me 4th, all covered by less than a second at the line!
    Shaun - "I had butterflies in my stomach since turn one making sure I didn't take anyone out. I was able to stick with Ross the whole way until he made a mistake and allowed me through to a 4 second win. For my first race with Walk I was only expecting a top 5, but to win has made me extremely happy and hope to win more often."
    Qualifying 2
    Rob - 2nd
    Shaun - 5th
    Rob - "Decided to push a bit more this time and started at the beginning of the session, followed Ross around his lap and saw him go off, which took one problem out of the way. Thought id almost invalidated my lap at one point but kept on track by a hair's width to line up 2nd.
    Shaun - "For whatever reason I just didn't have the same feeling I had in the first Qualy. Made quite a few mistakes and somehow still ended up 5th for the grid"
    Race 2
    Rob - 1st
    Shaun - 12th
    Race 2 would turn out to be quite a different story, although it ran much the same, a strong battle was on between Rob and Niranjan Kumar. When the two tried going in side by side into turn 1, Shaun was given a door to drive through and take 2nd. As Shaun was rounding up Rob, Rob had bounced off of a kerb, hitting Shaun and sending him into the fence. This forced Shaun into the pits for repair.
    Rob - "Started off following Kumar around in 2nd place, but found I could keep the pressure on him which then lead to a mistake and I inherited the lead! Sadly during the pressuring and subsequent battle I managed to accidentally take out my own team-mate whilst trying to leave him room, so a big black mark on my copybook this time.I also saw Ross flying up the field but managed to keep the pace in my car to hold out for a very unexpected win!"
    Shaun - "Although starting in 5th I felt good off the start and knew that I just had to bide my time and pressure people into their own mistakes. I had gotten held up a little by Oscar Pink, but once I got past, I focused on getting up to the battle for second. When I saw Rob and Kumar attempt turn 1 side by side, I slowed down a little so I could get a good run past them. I tried leaving room if Rob tried coming back up. As he was trying to leave me room as well, he went a little to shallow and took me out. I wasn't overly upset as it was a team mate."
    Leaving this round Rob is first in the points with a 1 point lead over Ross and Walk Racing are currently 2nd with a 15 point deficit to SDEV White. With the addition of Shaun, Walk should be able to take the Team Championship if the results are similar to that of this round.

    The next round will be an endurance at Hermanos Rodriguez on the 18th.

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