Your Next SRP Single Events?

Discussion in 'Race 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Wesley Hartog, May 15, 2012.


Are you interested to drive single events?

Yes, i do 45 vote(s) 97.8%
No, I don;t 1 vote(s) 2.2%
  1. Wesley Hartog Licensed Driver wants your opinion!

    We from SRP want to give you a friendly and daring enviroment to race. To accomplish this we need to know what your opinion is about the single events, as you know best.

    First we would like to ask you to use the poll and let us know if your interested to drive single events.
    Second it's the community's choice which will determin the next singe events. The most popular 3 cars/formats will be put into a poll, this gives you a vote into the next single events.

    You can put down as many type of cars/mods/formats as you want. Only use the agree button to show your appreciation an idea.

    I't's up to you to post and let your vote count!!
  2. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    I'd Like to stress to all it is important that if you click yes in the vote to post what cars/mods/formats You would like to see!

    Not posting but voting yes will only give us the impression your happy with the current events.
  3. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    I did a little testing with AI at several tracks, and I got a little suprising effects to me.
    First of all, the difference between the GT Club and the touringcars are extremely close, though I must say the GT's have faster acceleration than the touring cars, where touring cars are faster in turns. In a seperate test on the Brickyard, the GT's are only a second faster.
    Another perhaps interesting thing to do is combine radicals and GT's. Only on Puebla, the Radical S3 205 and Radical S4 190 and 205 were just a bit slower than the GT sport (which was against my expectations). I also compared the GT Pro with the Radical S3 and 4 252, only on Karlskoga the radicals were a little faster.
    I also tried the WTCC Extreme to add to the last class, which is not impossible, but they a very tiny bit faster.

    So far mixing classes (I tested on Avus, Le Mans, Zandvoort, Puebla and Karlskoga btw)

    Personnaly I don't mind as well to give another small class a try, like mini's, retro's or caterhams.

    Last of this very long story, I'm not really into mods published onlne (yet), but am willing to try some. (As long as it isn't on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday (and preferably not Sunday) =P)
  4. Eric Stranne Licensed Driver

    I am interested, but like Kevin started, it kind of depends what day we're talking...
  5. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    We could host another poll separate to find the communities main race nights that obviously wont clash with our leagues. ;)

    Please use the poll too guys :)
  6. David Grönvalls Licensed Driver

    I like the GT events we're doing now, they're the funniest cars to drive IMHO. Other single events I would like is Caterhams/Radicals. Touring cars doesn't interest me anymore, except for the btcc league (hoping for one more season of that ^^). Regarding special events, I know there are going to be GT enduro's coming up :D. Other special events are of course also tempting, depending on what they are.

    In general I'm available all evening except wednesdays and sundays, but I can skip those appointments now and then, but not regularly.
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  7. Nick Deeley Licensed Driver

    GT cars are good, just getting back into them. Mixing different classes and cars is good and presents new things to look out for.

    I like touring cars too, but I think club races really could do with having slower one class cars, like clio's, mini's and stuff like that. They're sometimes the most fun to drive on small to medium sized tracks. There are alot of very good mods out there that dont get used as often as they should.
  8. April Dillon Licensed Driver

    Voted yes.

    I personally enjoy driving GTs and Prototypes most, and as such adore the Endurance Series mod for rFactor. On the side, I also love open wheel single seaters like Formula 3, GP2, Formula 1, or in R07, IFM, F3000... But in the end, will drive pretty much anything I get along with. :)

    I'd love to take part in races ranging from sprint length, to GP length to endurance length. Although for the longer races, I'd like more notice than I would for shorter races. :)

    Some of this is accommodated for already here, so in that regard, just take this as confirmation that I'm happy. :3
  9. Wesley Hartog Licensed Driver

    Thanks for all the information so far, it's helpfull.

    I would like to ask more members to react on this thread and give feedback please.

    Thanks in advance :)
  10. Douglas Mcarthur Licensed Driver

    I`m actually pretty happy with the current stuff, tho single events tend to always fall on a day i work i havent actually been able to sign up to any yet but would like to......

    as far as diferent mods/cars go I dont mind trying diferent stuff so long as it doesnt mess up anything that is already existing in my race folder lol..
  11. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    Endurance events are great for one-offs and special events. 2-3 hour races with no driver swapping type stuff.
  12. Wesley Hartog Licensed Driver

    Tonight there will be a 2 hour enduro with gt-sports and pro's, broadcasted live :)
  13. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    Damn, I work Saturdays otherwise I'd be all over it
  14. Matt Cox Licensed Driver

    I really enjoyed the GT endurance race yesterday, so I would definitely be up for more of those. Some LMP stuff would be awesome as well, but I don't know if there is a decent LMP mod available for Race (I haven't done any research).

    One make tintops can be a lot of fun, I've had a few good races on public servers (shock horror!) with the minis.
  15. April Dillon Licensed Driver

    Check here to find some LMP stuff for R07. Although how well it works for us remains to be seen.

  16. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    If we did a lot of testing and picked out certain cars, it could work. Especially if we had teams and each team had the same car. With some work and outside-the-box thinking that would make an awesome series.
  17. April Dillon Licensed Driver

    That would be cool. Hopefully we'll have enough different cars which are balanced well for it though, as I'm not sure how many of them are or aren't in the LMP addon. I know I'll have my fingers crossed for the Acura. :p
  18. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    Some of the LMP2 cars are actually FASTER than the LMP1 cars. The mod is not balanced, and a few of the cars have terrible sound or the dash doesn't work right.
  19. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    Don't forget to mention the dashboard and the mirrors ;)
  20. Patrick Wuyts Licensed Driver

    did see once at zandvoort a backwards race with DAF 33 :):D

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