Your Next SRP Single Events?

Discussion in 'Race 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Wesley Hartog, May 15, 2012.


Are you interested to drive single events?

Yes, i do 45 vote(s) 97.8%
No, I don;t 1 vote(s) 2.2%
  1. April Dillon Licensed Driver

    That's actually not unrealistic, rather bizarrely. That was the case between the two classes for a while, where some LMP2s could outrun a petrol LMP1. Although that may not be what we want. :p
  2. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    The thing is though, those cars drive so nice that you forget about the shortcomings quickly. But yeah, it has issues.
  3. Martin Kraaijenbrink Licensed Driver

    I like GT pro's, Gt sport, Open wheelers, Extremes, Camaro's, V8 Supercars is also great to drive with eachother, especially at Bathurst :)

    better say what i don't like......::eek:

    Well that's when the car drives to slow;)
  4. Patrick Wuyts Licensed Driver

  5. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

  6. Nick Deeley Licensed Driver

    That looks great..but the download links aren't working.
  7. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

  8. Nick Deeley Licensed Driver

    Those GT3 cars are great. Quite easy to drive straight away. The only GT mod out there using a real life class, with modern GT cars currently running in GT3 championships across Europe, and more or less on par with lap times with their real life counterparts. At Donington GP, last year the British GT pole time was a 1:30..doing a test run at the same track, several cars..all 1:31's or 1:32's with default setup.

    If there's a future GT event, use this mod. The cars are easier to drive than the GT Pro's which should allow people who havent really driven the GT cars to enter and be fairly near the pace.
  9. Dariusz Swiderski Licensed Driver

    Haven't seen TC event for a while, is SRP becoming GT exclusive site? Or m'i the last person who likes TC on SRP?
    All i read is V8 , GT , DTM and so on.....
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  10. Matt Cox Licensed Driver

    Actually, due to calendar conflicts I haven't done a TC race at SRP yet. It would be fun. :)
  11. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    TC it is then ! :)
  12. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    We have the Clio's now and there is a lot of progress on the BTCC concerning the leagues.
    Concerning the single events, we had some WTCC events on wednesdays, but we had a turn-out of 2 or 3 drivers per week.
    People do show up for GT's and DTM's and a lot of people request V8's, so that's the main reason. Of course, if a lot more people show interest in driving single events for the TC, I will try find some day to make a TC-event. (will try something for wednesday?)
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  13. Eric Stranne Licensed Driver

    Another oval event? The last one had 20+ starters, and now we know what happens at the start so more people can finish perhaps? :)
  14. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Fair comment Dariusz and it would be nice to hear any suggestions you have too.

    I am currently working on the Season 2 for the btcc and soon there will be a test event to test the mod and give Michael van Scheppingen feedback from it, although i have no date nor shall i rush him as he is being nice enough for us to host it and create it. Once he lets me no its is ok to run an event with the wip mod an event will be open.

    You will also see a retro event too soon.
  15. Vinicius Ferreira Licensed Driver

  16. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Patience hehehe :p
  17. Simon Scott Licensed Driver

    I will race anything anywhere, just let me know what i need to download and if i am around i will race.
  18. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    28 members want to race Single Events which is great.but how do we please enough of you to fill an event :/ so many different likes and dislikes of car choices :/
  19. April Dillon Licensed Driver

    We could re-enact real races. Significant past races, or modern races relevant now, like following F1, DTM, WEC, GT1, etc. around. Although it is basically hopping onto the bandwagon of popular interest at the time. :p
  20. Linus Broström Licensed Driver

    been a while since i did this thing but Touring Cars is always a favorite for me :) along with Mini's and V8. Though i saw the Clio's are back for Race07 so i think i'd prefer them over the Mini's :D

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